5 Best Commode Chair Liners

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Bedridden patients/wheelchair occupants find it challenging to get to the toilet on their own. Escorting them to the toilet can be arduous for their family members, especially if the patient is overweight or has undergone surgery recently. This is where a bedside commode comes into the picture. 

A bedside commode (also known as a bariatric commode) is equipped with a portable round bucket. The patient is supposed to urinate/defecate inside this round bucket. However, once they are done relieving themselves a family member has to clean the bucket with their bare hands.  

Surely, wearing disposable gloves can help, but no one likes to clean a dirty bucket 3-4 times a day. 

Also, letting the body waste sit inside the bucket for too long can most certainly lead to a bad odor and stink. A commode liner is a useful tool for caregivers and family members of a bedridden patient. In this post, I have reviewed the best commode chair liners fit for both bedside and regular commodes.

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  1. Best OverallCarebag- 20 Disposable Commode Liners
  2. Best SellerTidyCare Commode Liners- Value Pack Of 48 Disposable Waste Bags
  3. Best ValueTidyCare Commode Liners- Convenience Pack Of 24 Disposable Waste Bags + 24 Absorbent Pads
  4. Best New ReleaseLunderg Commode Liners With Absorbent Pads (50 liners+50 pads)
  5. Best AffordableCarex Commode Liners, 21 Liners

Here are the 5 best commode chair liners

1. Carebag- 20 Disposable Liners

best overall

Carebag comes with 20 disposable commode liners, each with one absorption pad. The absorption pad can hold 450 ml (16 oz) of body waste fluid. This product is designed and manufactured by Cleanis, a Carrollton-based waste management company. 

This liner fits commodes of all standard sizes. In addition to round bucked-shaped commodes, you can also attach this liner over a rectangular bariatric commode. This liner is 100 percent sealable. After use, simply seal the liner and throw the product in a garbage bin. 

The sealable liner enables caregivers to dispose of body waste without worrying about leakage. You can also dispose of the used liner in a garbage bin located in your home or in the backyard. One pack contains 20 liners rolled along with absorption pads. Tearing them from one another is easy and effort-free.

This product is suitable for:

Carebag commode liner is perfectly suited for the family members of a bedridden person. Cleaning up on a bedridden loved one can be challenging. Things can get really unpleasant when you have to empty or clean the commode bucket. This product makes a difficult situation easy and effort-free. 


  • Comes with an absorption pad wrapped within the liner
  • High-quality product 
  • Suitable for bedside commode, regular commode, and bedside pan
  • Medical grade product


  • You need to be gentle while installing it on a bucket. Rough handling can result in breakage

2. TidyCare Commode Liners- Value Pack Of 48 Disposable Waste Bags

best seller

The value pack from TidyCare is one of the best-selling commode chair liners on the market. This particular commode liner is preferred by people who seek more bang for their buck. One packet contains a total of 48 disposable waste bags. Note that this product does not come with absorption pads.

TidyCare specializes in commode liners for the elderly, bedridden, and wheelchair-ridden folks. It is a Texas-based waste management company with a commode liner as its flagship product. Their primary goal is to offer you a mess-free solution to caregiving. You no more have to wipe out fecal matter or other body waste.

This product is suitable for:

This product is more suited to hold solid waste such as fecal matter or vomit. It does not come with absorption pads. Although the plastic bag can easily hold about 2-3 liters of urine without any issue. It’s just that you must dispose of the waste every 4-5 hours. 

To sum things up, this is one of the most affordable and the most trusted commode liners on the market. Also, are you using a commode liner for the first time? If yes, make sure you dispose of the used bag in a garbage bin. Do not flush it. It would clog up the drainage pipes.  

Editor’s Note: If absorbency or permeability is a major concern, kindly check out TidyCare Convenience Pack (24 liners+pads) discussed in the next section.


  • Trustworthy and affordable product
  • Sanitary and easy-to-use
  • Fits more standard-sized commode buckets


  • Does not come with absorption pads

3. TidyCare Commode Liners- Convenience Pack Of 24 Disposable Waste Bags + 24 Absorbent Pads

best value

TidyCare products are known for their quality, reliability, and affordability. The convenience pack (24 liners + 24 inserts) is formulated for caregivers who do not wish to deal with the yucky part of their jobs. It makes total sense for family members of a bedridden patient to avoid dealing with the body waste of their loved one.

The convenience pack comes with 24 lines and 24 inserts. The inserts are capable of absorbing a liter of fluid waste. It then turns the fluid into a gel-like substance. It functions a lot like a diaper— the only thing is you don’t have to touch it at all. Let it sit at the bottom of the liner. 

Ideally, you will need a liner, and an insert a day. Prepare the commode chair in the morning and let your loved one use it throughout the day. At the end of the day, you can unwrap the liner off of the commode bucket, zip it close, and dispose of it in a garbage bin. The process is quite sanitary and effortless. 

This product is suitable for:

The convenience pack from TidyCare is suited for all standard-sized commodes. This commode liner and absorption pads combo would also fit commodes with an elongated seat having a standard 10-inch pail. 

Although I cannot guarantee if it would fit a commode with a pail wider than 10 inches. The absorption pads are 5 inches wide and 9 inches long.  


  • Supportive customer care representatives
  • The liner does not leave a residual odor 
  • The company hires folks with developmental disabilities. You contribute to a worthy cause 


  • Not suited for commodes with an elongated pail
  • Product packaging needs to improve
  • The liners are thinner compared to others on the market

4. Lunderg Commode Liners With Absorbent Pads (50 liners+50 pads)

best new release

Lunderg commode liner is one of the newest products in this category. Lunderg is a waste management company known for its well-trained and professional staff. You can always contact their customer service representatives if any specific queries or requests arise. 

Furthermore, a percentage of each order goes to Parkinsons.org and the Wounded Warriors Foundation. Concerning this product, I would say it is a bargain. You get 50 liners along with 50 absorbent pads. Each pad is capable of holding a liter (35 oz) of liquid waste. The 5-inch wide and 9.5-inch long pad does not give out an odor. 

Once you are done using the liner, unwrap it with the help of strings (attached), lift it up, and tie a knot. You can dispose of it in a garbage bin. The liner does not leave any odor on the commode. There are no spills or splashes with Lunderg commode liners.

This product is suitable for:

This is one of the best commode chair liners for caregivers who are particular about cleanliness— in and around the commode. The super absorbent pad turns urine into semi-solid gel within seconds. Further, the pad also absorbs moisture from the fecal matter— leading to reduced odor.

I would also like to point out that the liners and pads arrive in two separate boxes. Most other commode liners come in a roll with both linear and pad in the same package. Needless to mention, separating them leads to breakage. 

Lastly, the Lunderg liners are fragrance-free— for the ones with hyperosmia, a condition that heightens the sense of smell.


  • Kills odor
  • The liner and pad comes in two separate boxes
  • Fragrance-free liners for hyperosmotic folks
  • Money-back guarantee— no questions asked


  • Some caregivers prefer scented liners

5. Carex Commode Liners, 21 Liners

best affordable

Carex is a South Dakota-based home medical equipment manufacturer for the elderly. The Carex 3-pack commode liner is one of the most affordable on the market. Each easy-to-carry pack contains 7 disposable commode liners. The package is compactly shaped and portable. You can easily carry it in your backpack— on the road.

It has been one of the best commode chair liners on the market for the past seven years. The only downside of this liner is that it does not come with a faster (like a string or zipper). After usage you are supposed to tie the two ends of the bag together— which may leave room for leakage, once disposed of in a bin. 

Interestingly, Carex liners do not come with an absorbent pad. Rather, the liner is coated with a thin layer of super-absorbent powder. The liner can hold up to two quarts of liquid. It dries up the liquid super quick and does not leave any odor. This liner is fully compatible with bedside commodes by Medline and Drive Medical. 

This product is suitable for:

This liner is perfect for caregivers who find it challenging to deal with the odor arising from the bedside commode bucket. Human waste begins to smell minutes after it is left inside the round bucket. Carex’s “odor eater” powder reduces foul smell more than any other liner. You can rest easy.


  • Fits rectangle commode bucket as well
  • Comes with super absorbent powder
  • Dries up super quickly
  • Reduced smell or odor 
  • Easy to carry pack-of-three


  • The liners are not equipped with a fastener


You can use these commode liners in both standalone and bedside commodes. They are quite versatile as the size of the bag is not a major concern here. When looking for a commode chair liner make sure the manufacturer offers an absorbent pad or absorbent dust alongside.

From the above list, I would pick Lunderg commode liners over others. I know this product is new on the market— there is limited customer feedback available. But you get 50 liners + 50 pads. A good deal, in my opinion.

Both liner+pads arrive already separated. Detaching the liner from a roll is not something a caregiver wants to do, as it can lead to damage to the liner. Due to some fundamental enchantments, Lunderg commode liners stand out from the rest.

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