6 Best Incontinence Briefs for Senior Men

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As we age, our bodies undergo various changes, and incontinence is one of the most common issues that senior men face. It can be embarrassing and uncomfortable, not to mention the challenges it poses for caregivers. Finding the right incontinence briefs for senior men can be a daunting task, especially when you consider the many options available on the market. But fear not! In this article, I will share with you some of the best incontinence briefs for senior men and highlight their features and downsides. 

Here Are The Best Incontinence Briefs For Senior Men

1. Depend Fresh Protection Adult Incontinence Underwear

Depend Fresh Protection Adult Incontinence Underwear for Men is an excellent product for senior men who require maximum protection against incontinence. This product is designed with various features that provide reliable and efficient protection for the user.

One of the most notable features of this product is its superabsorbent core. This core can hold up to 25 times its weight in liquid, which ensures all-day protection against heavier bladder leaks. Senior men with incontinence can rely on this product to provide them with maximum protection and comfort.

Another essential feature of Depend Fresh Protection Underwear for Men is its improved liner. The liner is designed to wick wetness away from the skin, keeping you dry and comfortable throughout the day. This feature is particularly beneficial for senior men with active lifestyles who need to stay comfortable and dry.

Odor control is also a crucial feature of Depend Fresh Protection Underwear for Men. The product’s design neutralizes and locks in odors, ensuring that any unpleasant smells are controlled and neutralized. This feature gives the user confidence, knowing that they can go about their daily activities without worrying about any odors.

Depend Fresh Protection Underwear for Men has a discreet fit, making it a comfortable and reliable product for senior men with incontinence. The soft, smooth fabric and high-performance waistband ensure that the underwear stays securely in place. This feature is particularly useful for those who prefer a discreet and comfortable fit.


  • Improved liner for a drier experience
  • Odor control for better hygiene
  • Discreet fit for comfortable wear
  • HSA/FSA-eligible for cost savings


  • Not environmentally friendly
  • Disposable nature may be costly in the long term

2. Depend Real Fit Incontinence Underwear for Men

Depend Real Fit Incontinence Underwear for Men is an excellent option for caregivers who want to provide their senior male loved ones with a reliable incontinence product. By using Depend Real Fit Incontinence Underwear, caregivers can help seniors feel more comfortable and confident while managing their incontinence-related issues.

The Depend Real Fit Incontinence Underwear’s premium quality and reliable design ensure that seniors can go about their daily lives without worry or discomfort. 

The underwear’s super absorbent material instantly locks away wetness and odors, and the comfortable fabric provides ultimate performance and comfort. This product’s design and structure make it easier for seniors to move around and enjoy their day-to-day activities.

The Depend Real Fit Incontinence Underwear is designed to be underwear-like, making it more comfortable and discreet than bulky adult diapers. Its sleek, masculine brief design ensures that it is comfortable, durable, and discreet under clothing. This way, seniors can wear them without feeling self-conscious or uncomfortable, even when going out in public.

The Depend Real Fit Incontinence Underwear comes in two colors, black and grey, and two sizes – Small/Medium (28-40” waist) and Large/Extra-Large (38-50” waist). 

The product comes in a pack of 52 grey disposable underwear, making it easy for caregivers to stock up and ensure their senior loved ones are always prepared. Depend adult incontinence products always ship in a discreet box, ensuring seniors’ privacy and dignity.


  • Instantly locks away wetness and odors
  • Underwear-like design for comfort and discretion
  • Stretch waistband for a secure fit
  • FSA-eligible in the U.S


  • Disposable products create waste
  • Not eco-friendly

3. McKesson Ultra Briefs Large, 18 Count, 4 Packs, 72 Total

When caring for a senior loved one who experiences incontinence, it’s important to find products that offer both protection and comfort. The McKesson Ultra Briefs for senior men are a great option to consider, as they provide reliable protection against leaks and odors while also being gentle on the skin.

One of the standout features of these briefs is their soft, cloth-like material, both inside and out. The hi-loft, non-woven acquisition layer helps to rapidly absorb liquid, while the core effectively locks away wetness and reduces the pH of urine, leaving the skin feeling dry and comfortable.

Comfort is also a top priority when it comes to the design of these briefs. The outer leg gathers are gentle and non-irritating, ensuring that the briefs stay in place without causing any chafing or rubbing. The hook and loop tabs are soft, wide, and flexible, allowing for a customized fit that adapts to the needs of the wearer.

Perhaps one of the most appealing aspects of the McKesson Ultra Briefs is their versatility. With a range of sizes and absorbency levels available, caregivers can easily choose the product that best fits the unique needs of their loved ones. 

Whether the wearer requires a large size with maximum absorbency or a smaller size with moderate absorbency, there’s a McKesson Ultra Brief to meet their needs.


  • Soft and comfortable cloth-like material
  • Flexible hook and loop tabs for a customizable fit
  • Available in a range of sizes and absorbency levels
  • Gentle outer leg gathers for leak protection without irritation


  • May not fit well for some body types
  • May not provide enough odor control for some users

4. FitRight Disposable Incontinence Briefs with Tabs

The FitRight Disposable Incontinence Brief is an excellent option for caregivers who are looking for a reliable and effective solution to manage incontinence in senior men. With the 4D-Core and anti-leak guards, these briefs provide superior protection against leaks and promote dryness throughout the day.

Moreover, the skin-safe closures are designed to offer a secure and safe fit that can be refastened multiple times. This feature is particularly important for seniors who need to adjust their briefs frequently throughout the day. The caregivers can rest assured that their loved one is comfortable and protected at all times.

The ultra-soft cloth-like back sheet of the FitRight Ultra Adult Diapers is another feature that sets them apart from other incontinence briefs. This back sheet not only provides a natural feel but also promotes a sense of dignity and comfort. It is important to ensure that seniors feel comfortable and respected, and this product goes a long way in achieving that goal.

Another great feature of these adult diapers is the moisture alert wetness indicator that changes color when the briefs have been soiled. This feature makes it easy for caregivers to monitor when their loved ones need to be changed. This helps to maintain hygiene and prevent skin irritation or infection.

The FitRight Disposable Incontinence Briefs with Tabs are available in an extra-large size and offer heavy absorbency, which is essential for seniors who require extra protection against leaks. This means that caregivers can be confident that their loved ones will remain dry and comfortable, regardless of their level of incontinence.


  • Ultra-soft cloth-like back sheet for a natural feel
  • Moisture alert wetness indicator for easy monitoring
  • 4D-Core with odor protection promotes dryness and skin integrity
  • Anti-leak guards improve containment and reduce leakage


  • Disposable nature creates waste
  • May not be suitable for those with severe incontinence

5. Mens Incontinence Briefs 3-Packs by Carer Healthcare 

The Mens Incontinence Briefs 3-Packs by Carer Healthcare are an excellent choice for caregivers who are looking for reliable protection for senior men with moderate to severe incontinence. These briefs offer several advantages that make them a superior option to traditional disposable briefs.

Firstly, these briefs are made from 100% cotton and feature a built-in incontinence pad that quickly traps liquid and provides excellent leak protection (7.0 oz.). 

The unique internal support design of these briefs ensures that the urinary incontinence protection stays in the right location, up and close to the body. This means that senior men can go about their daily activities without worrying about leakage, allowing them to maintain their independence and dignity.

Another benefit of these briefs is that they are washable and reusable, just like regular underwear. This means that caregivers can save money in the long run and also reduce their environmental impact by not contributing to the disposable waste stream. 

The incontinence pad is made from 70% viscose and 30% polyester, making it strong and persistent with no lump. Additionally, these briefs have a full absorption system that ensures no infiltration, making them always dry and never sticky.

Caregivers will also appreciate the ease of care for these briefs. They can be washed just like regular underwear and maintain their shape and effectiveness after multiple washes. 

The built-in incontinence pad is strong and persistent, fitting well with no lump, making them a comfortable and discreet option for daily use. This is especially important for senior men who may be self-conscious about their incontinence and want to maintain their privacy.


  • Washable and reusable, making them cost-effective and environmentally friendly
  • Built-in incontinence pad quickly traps liquid and provides great leak protection
  • Full absorption system ensures dryness and no seepage
  • Unique internal support design keeps urinary incontinence protection in the right location


  • May not provide enough protection for those with severe incontinence
  • May require additional layers of protection for nighttime use

6. Kleinert’s Store Incontinence Pull-On Cover Pant

Kleinert’s Store Incontinence Pull-On Cover Pant and the Duralite waterproof pull-on incontinence pant are both great products that can help caregivers provide better care for senior men and women who require incontinence briefs. 

Before purchasing Kleinert’s Store Incontinence Pull-On Cover Pant, it is essential to measure the circumference around the thighs to ensure a snug fit that prevents urine leakage. The size chart on the second image can help determine the right size for the user.

The Duralite waterproof pull-on incontinence pant, on the other hand, is soft and noiseless, which is ideal for seniors who need better skin care by reducing irritation and avoiding the breakdown of skin integrity. This can cause decubitus ulcers and pain. 

These pants are designed to be worn over any adult diaper, adult disposable briefs, or adult protective underwear, but they should not be used alone. They offer excellent all-day and overnight comfort, making them an excellent alternative to plastic pants. However, they are not intended for use as swimwear.

Kleinert’s Store Incontinence Pull-On Cover Pant is made from nylon fabric that is lightweight, waterproof, and stain-proof, making it durable and long-lasting. The pants can be washed hundreds of times without hardening, cracking, or losing shape, unlike plastic or vinyl pants. 

They are suitable for both men and women, making them a versatile option for caregivers. These pants work well when used as a diaper cover, whether disposable or reusable.

Furthermore, Kleinert’s Store Incontinence Pull-On Cover Pant is ideal for seniors with allergies or sensitive skin. The pants offer excellent resistance to yellow urine stains and are an excellent solution for individuals allergic to plastic, rubber, vinyl, or PVC. 


  • Soft and noiseless, providing better skincare
  • Lasts hundreds of washings without hardening
  • Great alternative to old-fashioned plastic pants
  • Made in the USA with an environmentally friendly process


  • Not designed to be worn alone
  • Not intended to be used as swimwear
  • May require vinegar to remove urine odor after use

Buyer’s Guide 

What features to look for in incontinence briefs for senior men?

mens briefs

When selecting incontinence briefs for senior men, it’s important to consider several factors that can impact the comfort and effectiveness of the product. Below are some features to look for when selecting incontinence briefs for senior men:

1. Absorbency

The first and most crucial factor to consider when selecting incontinence briefs is absorbency. Look for briefs with a high level of absorbency to ensure they can effectively manage leaks and prevent accidents. Some briefs have a moisture-wicking layer that draws moisture away from the skin, keeping the user dry and comfortable.

2. Fit

Another important feature to consider is the fit of the briefs. A good fit ensures that the briefs stay in place, minimizing the risk of leaks and accidents. Look for briefs with adjustable tabs or elastic leg gathers that can be adjusted for a secure and comfortable fit.

3. Material

The material of the briefs can also affect their effectiveness and comfort. Some briefs are made of a breathable fabric that allows for air circulation, which can reduce the risk of skin irritation and odor. Other briefs are made of a more durable material that can withstand frequent washing and reuse.

4. Comfort

Comfort is a crucial factor for the wearer, so look for briefs that have soft and smooth materials that won’t irritate the skin. Some briefs have a contoured shape that fits the body’s natural curves, which can improve comfort and reduce the risk of leaks.

5. Convenience

Finally, consider the convenience factor. Look for briefs that are easy to put on and take off, especially if the senior has limited mobility or requires assistance with dressing. Some briefs have tear-away sides or easy-open tabs that make it easier to change the briefs without having to remove all clothing.

In summary, when selecting incontinence briefs for senior men, it’s important to consider absorbency, fit, material, comfort, and convenience. By taking these factors into account, caregivers can choose briefs that provide effective protection and comfortable wear for their loved ones.

How to put on and take off incontinence briefs for senior men?

elder man smiling while seated

Firstly, before putting on incontinence briefs, it’s essential to make sure that the senior man is comfortable and relaxed. Encourage him to use the bathroom before wearing the briefs to minimize the chances of an accident.

To put on the briefs, lay the senior man down on his back or help him stand, depending on his ability. Then, unfold the briefs and guide the man’s legs through the leg holes. Make sure the briefs are fitted comfortably around the waist and legs, but not too tight, as this can cause discomfort and even skin irritation. Lastly, fasten the briefs securely, ensuring that they are snug but not too tight.

To take off the incontinence briefs, encourage the senior man to use the bathroom if possible. If not, lay him down on his back or help him stand, depending on his ability. Unfasten the briefs and gently remove them, being careful not to pull or tug on the skin

Then, clean the man’s skin with a damp cloth or baby wipe, being sure to remove any fecal matter or urine that may be present. Finally, dispose of the used briefs and wash your hands thoroughly to avoid spreading any germs.

It’s important to note that caregivers should always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when putting on or taking off incontinence briefs. Additionally, it’s essential to check the senior man’s skin regularly for any signs of irritation, redness, or sores. If any of these signs are present, consult a medical professional immediately to avoid any complications.

In conclusion, putting on and taking off incontinence briefs for senior men can be a simple process with the right techniques and care. By following the proper steps and being attentive to the senior man’s comfort and skin health, caregivers can ensure that the senior man can maintain his dignity and independence while managing his incontinence.

Disposable vs washable incontinence briefs? Which is better?

When it comes to choosing incontinence briefs for your loved one, one of the key decisions you may face as a caregiver is whether to opt for disposable or washable options. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, and it is important to weigh them carefully before making a choice.

Advantages of disposable incontinence briefs

Disposable briefs are often more convenient for caregivers, as they can be easily disposed of after use, reducing the need for frequent washing and drying. They also tend to be more absorbent, which can be particularly helpful for individuals with heavy incontinence. Additionally, disposable briefs are often more discreet and comfortable to wear, as they tend to be thinner and less bulky than their washable counterparts.

Advantages of washable incontinence briefs

On the other hand, washable briefs may be a more eco-friendly and cost-effective option in the long run. While they require more effort to clean and dry, they can be reused multiple times, reducing the amount of waste generated by disposable briefs. Washable briefs also tend to be more durable and may provide a more comfortable and secure fit, as they can be adjusted to suit the individual’s needs.

Considerations when choosing

Ultimately, the decision between disposable and washable briefs will depend on several factors, including the individual’s level of incontinence, mobility, activity level, and the caregiver’s preferences and lifestyle. For example, if the individual is very active and frequently on the go, disposable briefs may be a more practical choice, while if they are bedridden or have limited mobility, washable briefs may be more suitable.

Final verdict 

Depend Fresh Protection Adult Incontinence Underwear for Men stands out as a reliable and efficient product that provides maximum protection against incontinence. Its super absorbent core, improved liner, odor control, and discreet fit make it an ideal choice for senior men with incontinence. 

Have you tried incontinence briefs? Share your experience in the comments section below.

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