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Are you or a loved one finding it a bit tricky to navigate the bathroom safely? Well, here’s a simple solution that can make a big difference: raised toilet seats. If you’re wondering what makes them the best choice for seniors, let me break it down for you. 

Picture this: a higher seat not only makes sitting and rising easier but also provides a sturdy foundation, reducing the chances of slips and falls. Pair it with some grab rails nearby, and you’ve got yourself a safer bathroom experience. Let’s dive into the best-raised toilet seats for the elderly and make daily routines a breeze!

Here Are the Best Raised Toilet Seats for Elderly

1. Best overall – Drive Medical Raised Toilet Seat with Removable Padded Arms

The Drive Medical Raised Toilet Seat with Removable Padded Arms is a solid addition to any bathroom. It fits well and holds onto the toilet securely, making it easier for you to move from sitting to standing. This is especially helpful if you need some help getting around.

The padded arms are a big help. They give you the support you need when sitting down or getting up. Imagine you’ve had surgery on your legs—these arms really come in handy during your recovery. The seat is stable and comfy, making your bathroom time safer and more pleasant.

Installing it is a breeze. You can attach it without worrying about scratching anything. So, you get the benefits of added height and support without any fuss. Nice and simple.

But, it’s good to know that a few folks mentioned that the seat might need adjusting from time to time, even if you’ve tightened it up. A little inconvenience, but nothing that takes away from how well the Drive Medical Raised Toilet Seat works.

In a nutshell, if you need a raised toilet seat with removable padded arms for that extra support, stability, and easy use, this Drive Medical one is a great choice. It does what it’s supposed to, adds comfort to your bathroom routine, and the simple setup makes it a sensible pick for anyone needing a bit more help in the bathroom.


  • Easy installation, no fuss, quick support
  • Padded arms for added comfort during recovery
  • Secure fit and stability for safe bathroom use


  • Periodic adjustments may be needed for proper positioning
  • Potential difficulty in maintaining the correct seat alignment
  • Limited adaptability for varying toilet shapes
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2. Bestseller – HealthSmart Raised Toilet Seat Riser

The HealthSmart Raised Toilet Seat Riser brings some important features to your attention. First off, the height is a plus for making sitting and standing easier, but keep in mind that using the toilet lid might become impractical due to the raised position. If using the lid is crucial for you, this could be a drawback.

But let’s focus on what this seat does well—it significantly reduces the effort needed to get on and off the toilet. This elevated design is handy for people facing mobility challenges, giving a helpful boost to their daily routines.

Now, for folks with shorter legs, there’s a small catch. The raised height might mean their feet don’t fully touch the floor while seated, affecting comfort and stability. It’s something to consider if you’re particular about height.

When it comes to upkeep, the hard plastic construction is a practical choice. It’s easy to take off and clean, ensuring hygiene without much trouble. Simple cleaning makes it convenient for regular use.

This seat boasts the widest opening available, accommodating a diverse range of users. But, there’s a trade-off—it limits the space behind you, making it a bit tricky to reach for wiping. This could be crucial if you want a full range of motion during your bathroom routines.

Remember, this seat is tailored for round bowls. If you have an elongated bowl, it might not be the right fit. Checking compatibility with your toilet is key to a smooth installation.

To sum up, the HealthSmart Raised Toilet Seat Riser is a solid choice for those needing mobility assistance. While it may not tick all the boxes for everyone, considering factors like height and bowl shape, its benefits in reducing effort and offering a wide opening make it a notable option for specific needs.


  • Elevated height aids sitting and standing
  • Easy-to-clean hard plastic construction
  • Practical for those with mobility challenges
  • Hassle-free installation for round toilet bowls


  • Impractical for using the toilet lid
  • May pose discomfort for individuals with shorter legs
  • Limits space behind for wiping
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3. Best value – KOHLER Elongated Toilet Seat

The KOHLER Elongated Toilet Seat stands out if you want a hassle-free, stylish addition to your bathroom. The makers put real thought into making it look good, work smoothly, and, most importantly, be really strong.

Installing it is a breeze, but there’s a small detour. You need to take a moment to unscrew and fully remove the two bolts from the rubber sleeves with the tightening nut. It might seem a bit detailed, but it’s crucial. This step gives the flexibility to put the locking mechanism into the toilet base mounting holes. Once that’s done, putting the bolts back in makes aligning, tightening, and securing the seat brackets easy.

What makes this raised seat special is how well it fits with Kohler toilets. If you own a Kohler toilet and need a seat riser, putting your money into the KOHLER Elongated Toilet Seat is a splurge that’s worth it. The way the seat and Kohler toilets work together is clear in how smoothly it works, making it a trustworthy pick for those wanting to improve both accessibility and looks in their bathroom.

To sum it up, if you’re looking for a stylish, easy-to-clean raised toilet seat that doesn’t compromise on strength, the KOHLER Elongated Toilet Seat is a good choice. Its smart design and compatibility with Kohler toilets make it a solid pick for anyone who wants a straightforward and lasting solution for raised seating.


  • Easy installation with a secure fit
  • Stylish design enhances bathroom aesthetics
  • Thoughtful construction for worry-free maintenance
  • Compatibility with Kohler toilets for seamless functionality


  • Detailed installation process may seem meticulous
  • Minor need to unscrew bolts for initial setup
  • Splurge-worthy, might be pricier compared to basic options
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4. Best time-tested – Carex 3.5 Inch Raised Toilet Seat with Arms

The Carex 3.5 Inch Raised Toilet Seat with Arms is a hassle-free addition for easy maintenance, perfect for your convenience. The modern elongated style fits right in with your bathroom, blending seamlessly with your fixtures.

However, it would have been helpful if the manufacturer provided clearer details about the type of lid that goes with this seat. Knowing this would help you make a more informed decision when buying.

The arms are a big plus, giving robust support, especially for larger seniors. Their strength ensures stability during use, which is crucial for those with mobility concerns.

Yet, there’s room for improvement in the provided spacers. The manufacturer should clearly state which spacers to use. Some users found both metal and plastic spacers too large for their existing seat and cover, making assembly a bit tricky.

Despite this, the assembly is quite straightforward, and the toilet seat with lid fits easily on top. This means it won’t mess up the look of your bathroom. The user-friendly assembly is a big plus, especially for those not used to complicated setups.

One small drawback is that the seat is a bit hard, which might not be comfy for some users. But in terms of doing its job, it provides the necessary elevation for those who need it.

To sum up, the Carex 3.5 Inch Raised Toilet Seat with Arms is a reliable choice for sturdy support. With a few tweaks, especially in spacer clarity and seat comfort, it could become even better in the market.


  • Modern design seamlessly fits into your bathroom
  • Strong arms provide substantial support, especially for larger seniors
  • User-friendly assembly, even for those not familiar with intricate setups
  • Reliable functionality, offering the necessary elevation


  • Lack of clarity on compatible lid types
  • Issues with unclear guidance on appropriate spacers
  • Some users find the seat a bit hard, impacting comfort
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5. Best affordable – Carex Toilet Seat Riser  

The Carex Toilet Seat Riser gives a good lift, especially helpful for older folks needing a higher toilet. This extra height makes it easier to use. Yet, keep in mind, if someone is on the heavier side, the seat might move a bit. This is something to consider for those who need more stability.

One great thing about this riser is that it’s easy to clean. A quick wipe usually does the job since the material resists stains. But, cleaning underneath it, especially around the bowl edges, might be a bit tricky. This could be a drawback if you like things super clean all the time.

Now, putting it together might be a bit confusing because the instructions aren’t very clear, especially about where to put the flat washers. Better instructions would make the setup smoother, especially for folks who aren’t used to doing this kind of thing.

Despite these points, the Carex Toilet Seat Riser does its main job well. It adds a good amount of height, which is great for older people or those with trouble moving around. Even though it doesn’t sit completely flat when not in use, it still works fine. This small issue when not in use doesn’t affect its main job of making the toilet higher.

To wrap it up, if you need a higher toilet seat, the Carex Toilet Seat Riser is a good pick. It could be better in terms of stability, cleaning, and instructions, but it does what it’s supposed to do—giving an easy and accessible solution for people who need a bit more help in the bathroom.


  • Adds significant height for easier toilet use
  • Easy-to-clean surface resists stains
  • Functional even when not sitting completely flat
  • Suitable for older individuals or those with mobility issues


  • May shift slightly under the weight of a larger person
  • Cleaning underneath can be challenging
  • Instructions lack clarity, especially regarding flat washers
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Buyer’s guide

Benefits of using a raised toilet seat

First off, it’s like giving your knees a little break. You see, a raised toilet seat is higher up than the regular one. So, when you sit down or stand up, you don’t have to bend your knees as much. It’s like having a little helper that makes things easier, especially if you have some trouble with your knees or legs.

Now, picture this: you wake up in the middle of the night and need to use the bathroom. It’s dark, and you’re half-asleep. A raised toilet seat is like a guardian angel in those moments. It’s higher, so you don’t have to aim and guess where to sit. You just plop down, and you’re good to go. No fuss, no mess.

And hey, let’s not forget about our friends who might need a bit more support. Whether it’s because of age or a temporary situation, a raised toilet seat is like a little safety net. It gives you extra height and stability, so there’s less risk of accidents. Safety first, right?

Cleaning is a breeze too. Most raised toilet seats are designed to be easy to clean. No one wants to spend too much time scrubbing the bathroom, right? Just a quick wipe, and you’re done – more time for the fun stuff.

So, there you have it, the lowdown on the benefits of using a raised toilet seat. It’s like a simple upgrade that can make a big difference, whether you’re giving your knees a break, navigating in the dark, or just looking out for a bit of extra support. 

Is a raised toilet seat easy to install?

Installing a raised toilet seat is a breeze – it’s like putting together a simple puzzle. You won’t need a fancy toolbox or a PhD in construction. All you need are basic tools, and most of the time, they come with the seat or are already lying around your home. It’s like fixing a shelf or hanging a picture frame. Simple, right?

Now, let me tell you, the instructions that come with it are like a friend guiding you. They use pictures and straightforward words. No need to decode any fancy language. It’s just like following a recipe for your favorite comfort food – step by step, and you’ll have it done in no time.

And guess what? You won’t need to call in a handyman or bother your busy neighbor. It’s a solo project that even someone like me, who’s not a DIY expert, can handle. Plus, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment when you’re done, like you just conquered a little home improvement mountain.

Things to look for in a raised toilet seat 

First off, comfort is key. You want something that’s cozy to sit on. Look for a raised toilet seat with some cushioning or padding. It’s like upgrading your toilet experience to first class!

Next up, think about height. You want a raised seat that brings the toilet up to a comfortable level for you. It’s like finding the perfect chair – not too high, not too low, just right.

Now, stability is a big one. You don’t want any wobbling or shaking. Check for a raised seat that stays firmly in place. It’s like having a reliable friend – always there when you need them.

Installation should be a breeze. You don’t need a rocket scientist to set it up. Look for something that you can easily attach and remove if needed. It’s like putting together a simple puzzle – no stress, just a smooth process.

Cleaning shouldn’t be a headache either. Get a raised seat that’s easy to wipe down and keep clean. You don’t want to spend more time cleaning the seat than using it!

Lastly, check if it’s compatible with your toilet. You don’t want to bring home a seat that doesn’t fit. It’s like buying shoes – you wouldn’t get ones that are too big or too small, right?

So, there you have it. Comfort, height, stability, easy installation, easy cleaning, and compatibility – keep these in mind, and you’ll find the perfect raised toilet seat for you. 

The final verdict

Of the products discussed above, I would choose the Drive Medical Raised Toilet Seat with Removable Padded Arms. It offers solid support, especially during recovery. The padded arms are a game-changer, providing comfort after surgery. Easy installation and stable design make it a hassle-free choice for added height and support.

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