5 Best Room-To-Room Intercoms for Elderly

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Are you a caregiver to a senior family member? Are you spending too much time in their room, trying to keep an eye on them?

A room-to-room intercom can be a great solution for family caregivers who wish to carry on with their day without having to worry too much about their elderly family member. Instead of checking up on them by visiting their room, you can speak to them on the intercom or monitor their situation remotely. Don’t get me wrong, you can always visit them when you are free. But you don’t need to make rounds to their room when you are occupied with other work. I would like to share with you the best room-to-room intercoms for elderly people.

Here Are The Best Room-to-room Intercoms For Elderly

1. Wuloo Wireless Intercoms for Home – WUL-WIS

best overall

Number of units: 2

Operating range: 5280 feet

This intercom system from Wuloo might seem very basic in hindsight, but it performs all the operations needed for clear communication between an elder person and their caregiver. This device has a long-range (5280 feet). The package includes two transceiver units.

This device comes with two back holes. You can mount it on a wall all by yourself. The microphone can easily pick up the voice from a few feet away. The user need not get close to the device to speak or listen. 

How does this intercom system work? 

You (the caregiver) can install one unit in your room or wherever you spend most of your time (in the home). Install the other unit in your elder parent’s room. 

Both units come with a keypad. You must select a channel number in each unit. For instance, by long-pressing the key “1” on one unit you can assign channel 1 to that particular unit. Set channel 2 to the other unit.  

Note that there’s no “master” unit or “sub” unit here. You must set channels from individual units. You can add more units for other rooms and other family members. Assign a unique channel number for each new unit. You can find all the information about creating a channel in the user manual here

This device has a call mode, monitor mode, group mode, and Vox mode.

Make calls to the other units with call mode. It works just like a cell phone. Further, the monitor mode allows you to keep tabs on the elderly person. It works just like a baby monitor. You will hear from the monitor side but they won’t be able to listen or talk to you.  

The group mode allows you to make an announcement to all the units simultaneously. You can make group announcements by keeping the “talk key” pressed. Furthermore, with Vox mode, you can talk to another station hands-free. You don’t have to keep the talk key pressed at the time.


  • Excellent range
  • Easy to use
  • Robust and well built 
  • No cross-talk
  • Power bank supported  


  • Does not work out of the box. You need to set up channels before you begin using
  • Average audio quality
  • VOX mode has a 24-hour limit. You need to press the VOX button again to reactivate it

2. Hosmart Full Duplex Wireless Intercom

best seller

Number of units: 2

Operating range: 1000 feet

Hosmart is a Chinese intercom manufacturer. Their products are popular among people with seniors in their homes. This device has a medium range. It is suitable for an average to a large-size American home. But not designed for a hospital or a multi-storeyed nursing home facility. 

The package includes two units: one main and one sub. You can order four more subs— one main can be paired with five subs at a time. You must do all the configuration work on the main unit. 

This device from Hosmart is one of the best room-to-room intercoms for elderly. It is the most user-friendly as well. No fancy monitors. No hard-to-understand functions. An elder person with cognitive deficits can get used to it in a couple of days. 

The sound quality is pretty good as well. This device is meant to be placed on a flat surface such as a desk or a bedside table. The sound is loud (and clear) enough for anyone located anywhere in the room to hear it. You can always adjust the volume with keys. 

Remember that this device is powered with a USB adapter. You need to place it near a power board. However, it can also work on a battery. Just make sure to go for a 18650 li-ion battery. You can use the battery mode on the road or when you are visiting a relative. 


  • Trusted brand. Used by thousands of caregivers 
  • Excellent range
  • Can be powered by a 5A USB adapter or a battery 
  • Good quality sound


  • Does not work with regular AA or AAA batteries. Need a special 18650 battery 

3. Wuloo Wireless Intercoms with Display Screen – WL888

best value

Number of units: 3 

Operating range: 5280 feet

The model – WL888 is a newer more advanced version of the Wuloo model – WUL-WIS (I discussed in one of the previous sections). Model-WL888 offers the same operating range. But it has three units. And the channel number and code are displayed on an LED screen. 

What does the package include? 

The box includes an instruction manual, and two units (placed in a separate box). Each unit comes with a USB type-A power adapter with a cord. You can place the units on a flat surface such as a desk or mount them on a wall. The unit comes with two back holes. 

How do I configure this device? Is it easy for someone with limited technical knowledge?

The intercom is easy to set up. Also, there’s no master and sub here. You can keep any of the units for yourself and give the other one to the care recipient. Once you unpack the units, power them up by connecting the USB cord to the power supply. 

Next, you need to set a channel number and code (a privacy code). You can do it by pressing the menu button→select the channel number→select the code. Once you do this in one unit, do the same in the other unit. The other unit should have the same channel and code for you to communicate with it (and vice versa).

And you don’t need to be tech-savvy to be able to configure this device. It’s quite straightforward. So don’t worry about that.

This is the best room-to-room intercoms for elderly looking for the finest deal in town. You get maximum value at minimum cost.

Finally, this device comes with all the brilliant features that the previous version had. It has a group mode, monitor mode, Vox mode, and call mode. And you can create up to 22 channels and 100 security codes. 

You can use this device outdoors as well. It is power bank supported. The power back can be used as the primary power supply for this device. It doesn’t have a battery but you can connect it directly to a power bank. 


  • LED screen showing channel and code
  • Power bank supported 
  • Great audio quality
  • Trusted and highly rated product 


  • The device remains slightly unstable when mounted on the wall

4. Hosmart Wireless Intercom System – HY777 

best time-tested

Number of units: 4

Operating range: 2640 feet

This is another great product from Hosmart. The model number is HY777. This product has passed quality assurance checks such as RoHS certification, FCC, and CE. No other intercom on the market offers a lifetime quality guarantee. You can rest assured as you are buying a tried and trusted product.

The Hosmart HY777 intercom works just like any other room-to-room intercom system. You can create a total of 7 channels and assign a privacy code when communicating with another station. The privacy code ensures that other users won’t listen to your conversations— and the line remains clear without any cross-talk. 

This is one of the best room-to-room intercoms for elderly. It is easy to use and requires minimal training. The package includes four wireless units. You can place each of the units far apart in your home. The operating range is approximately 2640 feet— which is good enough for a large multi-floor house. 

Moreover, this system has a call mode, monitor mode, Vox mode, and group call mode.

To make a call to another station, you must select the channel (receiving side) and press the call button. This will send them a voice notification— informing them that you wish to speak to others. Next, you must keep the talk button pressed when talking.

The other person receiving the call must press the talk button when they wish to talk. They must keep the talk button pressed while they talk. This intercom system is more like a walkie-talkie. It is good for sending voice notifications such as “dinner is ready, grandpa!” or “did you take your medications, grandma?

Finally, this is a time-tested product. It was first released in 2016. It has got more positive reviews than any other intercom on the market. I would go for it if I was looking for something solid and reliable.


  • Easy to set up
  • The instruction manual is in-depth
  • Requires minimal trial and error before you begin using it flawlessly


  • You need to place the units at least five feet apart. Keeping them too close can create disturbance in the signal
  • Once your conversation with one station is complete, you must press another channel number. If you don’t, the previous channel remains active

5. SanJie Intercoms Wireless for Home Caregiver

best affordable

Number of units: 2

Operating range: 1.5 Miles 

The SanJie Intercoms Wireless for Home Caregiver is great for talking with elderly folks. It makes voices super clear, which is extra good for older people who might have trouble hearing well.

One cool thing it has is VOX (Voice-Operated Exchange). This means you can talk without using your hands, which is handy for both caregivers and those getting care. It’s especially helpful for older folks, making it easier to chat and making the whole talking experience better.

The SanJie Intercoms Wireless is made thinking about caregivers like you. It’s a good way for you to talk with those you’re taking care of. And it’s not just for one person – it helps connect older people living in the same house. If relationships are a bit tricky, this little talking device is a secret way to talk without making a big deal out of it.

Even though it’s packed with features, the SanJie Intercoms looks nice and small. It fits in well with your home’s style. But, be careful if you take it outside – it’s so small it might get lost. So, when you’re out, keep an eye on it.

One thing that could be better is the power cord. The device is small, but the cord could be a bit longer. If it were, you could put the intercom wherever you want in the house without any trouble. It’s a small thing, but it could make a big difference.


  • Ensures clear conversations, especially beneficial for seniors with hearing difficulties
  • Its small, cute build blends seamlessly into living spaces, enhancing the overall appeal
  • Ideal for discreet communication in strained relationships


  • Its petite size may lead to easy misplacement outdoors, requiring users to be cautious beyond home confines

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What are channels? Why do I need to select one before communicating with other stations?

A channel is nothing but the frequency used for radio communication. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has allocated a frequency range for intercom systems. This range is divided into channels. You can use any of these channels for wireless communication via intercom. In other words, a channel is a medium via which the intercom transmits and receives radio signals. You can only use one channel at a time.  

What is a privacy code?

A privacy code is paired with the active channel. There is a possibility that someone else could be using the same channel as you. This is why a privacy code is attached to the channel. You (and the person at the receiver end) must have the same channel and privacy code. 

Can a person with Dementia use an intercom system?

There’s no one answer to this question. It depends on the degree of cognitive impairment. It is possible for a person living with Dementia to operate an intercom if they are in a relatively better condition. For late-stage Dementia patients, the monitoring feature of the intercom can come in handy. The caregiver can keep an eye (or ear, in this case) on them from a distance. 

How do I radio-communicate with someone with Dementia? 

You must speak slowly and calmly when talking to someone with Dementia on an intercom. Give them enough time to think and respond. Don’t rush your conversations with them. For more tips on how to communicate with someone with Dementia, I suggest you read this article by the NHS.

Can I purchase more units? Will the new ones be compatible with the older ones?

You can purchase more units of the same brand and same model number. The new ones will be perfectly compatible with the older ones if you have the same brand and same model number. 

Where do I keep these units in my home?

You can place these units on a bedside table or a desk in your loved one’s room. These units are portable. You can also place them in a wheelchair bag, or a backpack. They will come in handy on an outdoor trip. Some caregivers prefer to mount them on the wall— they come with back holes. 

How do I make sure the intercom systems last longer?

Carefully read the instructions given in the manual. All products discussed in the article come with a manual. Use the right type of batteries. And avoid dropping the unit on a hard floor. 

What is the average lifespan of the products discussed in this article?

The average lifespan of an intercom system varies from brand to brand. I know for sure the ones from Wuloo and Hosmart last longer than any other brand out there. You can easily use them for a decade. 


The intercoms from Wuloo and Hosmart are quite similar. They both have the same features and the keypad layout is quite the same. On the other hand, the walkie-talkie style intercom from CallToU offers more portability. It is compact and can fit in a shirt/trouser pocket. It also has an emergency flashlight.

I hope this article helps you find the best room-to-room intercoms for elderly. Do you have any questions? Leave a comment below. I’ll be happy to help.


  1. Hi! Thanks for the thorough review. I’d been looking at the Wuloo you recommend and this is helpful! I’m trying to figure out how the VOX mode works… can the units be set up to stay permanently in VOX mode so that anyone near a unit can simply talk and be heard by every other unit? So that no matter where my parent with dementia is, she can call out to me, and I can answer, without either of us touching a button? Also – I saw a note on Amazon that the VOX expires after 24 hours – is that the case for most of these, that you have to push VOX every day?

    1. Hi Deb!
      You are right about the VOX expiry period.
      Most intercom systems have a 24-hour VOX mode limit.
      You should check out the one from RadioShack.
      RadioShack hasn’t mentioned anything about the VOX expiry period in the product description.
      You can give it a shot.

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