10 Best Slipper Socks for Senior Women

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Slipper socks are a combination of socks and slippers. They are designed for winters, and hence have a better heat holding capacity than regular cotton socks. In other words, they have a high “Thermal Overall Grade”, a metric used to measure the thermal insulation of a cloth. 

These socks are an excellent companion for senior women who have moved to a new home with no carpet laid out yet. Slipper socks are non-skid. You can walk around the house wearing them without fearing a slip or a fall. 

It is always better to have a few pairs of slipper socks in your home, especially during the freezing winters. You can even carry these socks when visiting a friend or a relative. Who knows what the AC situation is going to be like in their home? 

Kindly note that slipper socks are thicker than the regular ones. Try to wear them alone and not with a shoe. Although, some of them are made with thin material and can be worn with a shoe. Hence, check the thickness before you make your final decision. 

Below, I have reviewed the best houseshoes for elderly women.

Best Slipper Socks for Senior Women

1. SDBING Non-Slip Winter Slipper Socks

Slipper socks SDBING are suitable for women who seek extra soft and cushy fabric. It comes with a fleece-covered elastic cuff. The fleece not only adds to the aesthetic of the sock but also keeps your calves warm. The cloud-like fluffy material will keep your toes warm throughout the night. Lastly, the soles are coated with silicon rubber grips to keep elderly women from slipping on the floor.

  • Lots of colors and patterns to choose from
  • Softest fabric on the market
  • Anti-odor fabric 
  • Some women might find the fabric too snug. It is great when you are in bed but walking can be difficult wearing thick socks

2. Heat Holders Slipper Socks

I am sure you have noticed how beautifully designed these socks are, but there’s more to them than aesthetics. Heat holders are one of the ultra light weight elderly woman slippers who live in the northern region. They are seven times warmer than an average cotton sock. This product has the highest thermal overall grade(TOG) rating on the market. 

  • Built to keep your feet warm in extreme cold weather 
  • The manufacturer has revealed the exact fiber composition 
  • Has worked well for folks with Raynaud’s syndrome
  • Does not have silicone grips on the sole
  • Not suited for slippery floors 

3. Slipper Socks for Seniors by Silvert’s Senior Care Store 

Silverts has come up with one of the most ingenious adapting clothing. They have designed this product for elders who are at a high risk of injuring themselves by falling. Silverts slipper socks have gripper threats at the bottom of the sole. Further, this sock is also beneficial for seniors suffering from foot conditions such as bunions, blisters, corns, hammertoes, and mild foot edema. 

  • Non-constructive top, no more ring formation on the calves 
  • One size fits all, no issues with size
  • They are not heavy like other winter socks
  • These socks may not fit someone with severe foot edema (severely swollen foot)

4. Bootie Slippers by Silvert’s Adaptive Clothing

Silverts is known for adaptive footwear. The extra-wide bootie slippers are designed for senior women who need additional support. Whether you are laying on a bed, standing, or walking, this bootie slipper will help you stay calm while you manage the pain and swelling in the feet. These slip-resistant slippers are also beneficial for diabetic women with swollen or irritable ankles. 

  • Provides additional support for the ankle 
  • Portion of the profits go to charity 
  • Available in five sizes 
  • You must choose the correct size. Too loose or too tight and you won’t be able to walk 

5. No nonsense womens Shortie Slipper Sock

The No Nonsense Women’s Shortie Slipper Socks have proven to be a reliable choice for senior women seeking comfort and warmth. The snug yet not tight fit ensures a cozy feel without compromising circulation, making them ideal for extended wear. The non-slip grips on the bottom provide added stability, especially important for those navigating slippery surfaces. These slipper socks also stand out for their versatility, as they are not only suitable for daytime use but also comfortable enough to sleep in without causing any discomfort or unwanted odors. However, it’s worth noting that they may occasionally slip off during the night, requiring occasional readjustment.

  • Comfortable and snug fit for extended wear
  • Non-slip grips on the bottom enhance stability on various surfaces
  • Versatile enough to wear both day and night without causing discomfort or odors
  • May come off during the night, requiring occasional readjustment

6. Microfiber Socks by Skola Store

Skola brings you one of the best slipper socks for senior women. Note that this is a US company but the product is imported from China. You have an option to order 3/4/6 pairs. Perfect for senior women looking to stock up for the winter. The pull-on design makes putting them on and pulling them off easy. Plus, these warm socks are equipped with high-quality silicone grips on the bottom of the sole. You can lounge around the home without fearing a fall. 

  • One size fits all
  • Aesthetically pleasing 
  • Multicolor and patterns are available 
  • Pairs well with all types of leggings, shorts, or sweatpants 
  • They are not seamless as it says in the product description. The toes have seams

7. Yacht & Smith Loose Fit Slipper Black Socks

Are you looking for premium quality slipper socks? Yacht & Smith is known for offering high-quality hosiery and winter apparel in bulk (at an affordable rate). These are loose-fit gripper socks for elderly women staying in a hospital or a nursing home. They keep the feet warm while giving you the freedom to lounge around without fearing a fall. It’s a perfect gift for grandma staying in a nursing home. 

  • Better than the socks handed out by nursing homes or hospitals
  • Keep the feet warm. And the material is not too thick or fluffy
  • Budget-friendly 
  • Doesn’t form a ring around the ankle after use, no indentation after use
  • You have to be careful when using it with a wheeled walker. Yacht & Smith socks are not meant to be used with a wheeled walking aid

8. Pembrook Non-Skid Slip Socks

Pembrook brings one of the best slippers for fat swollen feet. These socks are made from Chenille. They are luxury, high-end slipper socks that keep your feet warm and prevent slipping. These one-size-fits-all socks are perfect for lounging or relaxing. Furthermore, they are non-skid. The gipping rubber treads are suitable for slippery nursing home floors. 

  • The color of the fabric and gripper rubber threads are the same. They appear like regular socks and do not stand out
  • Soft Chenille yarn material offers total comfort and relaxation
  • This product needs better stitchwork. Some threads begin sticking out after 3-4 washes

9. Bariatric Slipper Socks by Pillow Paws Store

Most socks come with tight cuffs. Wearing such a sock overnight can lead to the formation of rings on the calves region. A tight cuff also interferes with the circulation of blood, leading to bruises or rashes. Slipper socks from Pillow Paws Store are equipped with specially-designed comfort cuffs. These terry knit socks keep you warm, comfortable, and relaxed throughout the night. They are meant for nursing home or hospital use. You can also wear them while relaxing or lounging around in your home. 

  • Soft and breathable material 
  • The most comfortable slipper socks on the market
  • Grips are painted on. These socks are good for comfort purposes. They are not as slip-resistant as some of the other brands

10. Anti-slip Slipper Socks by Winterlace

Slipper socks from Winterlace come with all the necessary features. These socks are suitable for someone looking to purchase in bulk. You get six pairs of tube socks for a pocket-friendly price. Further, these wholesale-priced socks are one-size-fits-all. But once and you are set for the season. They make a perfect gift for an elderly female staying in a nursing home. 

  • Perfect for hardwood or tiled floors 
  • Can be worn with shoes. The material (80% cotton, 15% polyester, and 5% spandex) is quite thin
  • A fantastic bargain
  • Winterlace tube socks are meant for someone with swollen feet. They won’t fit for folks suffering from moderate to severe foot edema

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a thermal overall grade(TOG)?

Thermal overall grade is a metric used to measure the thermal insulation capabilities of a fabric. The higher the TOG, the more heat the fabric will capture. If you stay in the northern region, go for a sock with a high TOG (>2). 

Are slipper socks safe for a person with dementia?

Yes, these socks are safe for folks with dementia. They are non-skid, which will help prevent slips and falls in the house. Furthermore, the sole is soft and cushy. There’s no possibility that a dementia-affected person can cause any harm with the sole. 

Are they machine washable?

Yes, you can put them in the washer. They wash and dry very well. You can wash them the next morning with other dirty clothes. 

Can I microwave these socks before wearing them?

No, do not heat up these socks. They are made from polyester, which will melt pretty quickly. Slipper socks discussed in this post are already quite warm. You will not feel the need to heat them additionally. 

Are slipper socks suitable for someone with Raynaud’s syndrome?

Yes, weaning heat holder socks will boost the circulation of blood in the feet. But you must know that Raynaud’s syndrome is a serious condition. If you have noticed decreased blood flow to the feet, you must consult a doctor.

Are slipper socks and gripper socks the same thing?

Yes, slipper and gripper socks are the same thing.

My recommendation 

Most slipper socks discussed above have similar features. Slipper socks without a non-slip bottom won’t be of much use. So, make sure to look for this particular feature. Also, it should have a high thermal overall grade(TOG). The sock should be at least five times warmer than the regular cotton ones. From the above list, I would pick the ones from Heat Holders. They have a whisper-soft inner fabric. Just the way you like it.

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