5 Best Transport Chair Bags

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Transport chair users have to rely on their caregivers or family members all the time. Unlike a standard wheelchair, a transport chair is designed to be pushed from behind. Now transport chair users can ease the workload of their caregivers by installing a bag on the chair itself. No more requesting the caregiver to fetch the toothbrush or hold the coffee mug. The caregiver can solely focus on pushing the chair, while the occupant has all the things they need at their disposal. In the article, I have reviewed the best transport chair bags. 

Note: The bags discussed in this article are designed to be used with both a transport chair and a standard wheelchair. A transport chair has small wheels, hence the size of the bag is not a concern. A bulky side bag will not interfere with the movement of the transport chair wheels. 

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  1. Best OverallP&F Wheelchair Side Pouch Bag (Double-Side)
  2. Best SellerVive Wheelchair Bag
  3. Best ValueMedipaq Deluxe Bag
  4. Best New ReleaseHSGEZUOI Wheelchair Double-Sided Bag
  5. Best Affordable –  Armrest Pouch By Nursescape Store

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Best Transport Chair Bags

#1 P&F Wheelchair Side Pouch Bag (Double-Side)

best overall

Some transport chair users may not be happy with 3-4 pockets. They need more. P&F brings you an organizer-style transport chair bag with a mesh pocket for a large 30oz tumbler bottle. This is a double-sided bag with pockets on both the front and rear sides.

This 16.5-inch long bag is designed for transport chairs with full-length armrests only. It will most certainly not fit in a transport chair with short armrests. Kindly take this point into account. You can always hang it on the handles located on the back of the chair. 

The front side of the P&F bag consists of two zippered compartments, one cup pocket, and a medical alert pocket. The medical alert is a large compartment with sub-compartments to hold pens, medicines, and other handy items. 

The rear side of the bag is equipped with a large zippered compartment. You can keep books, documents, or a folded newspaper in this large zippered compartment. Further, the backside of the bag also has two middle compartments for your smartphone, wallets, etc. 

The backside of the P&F bag also has a credit card compartment. You can place up to four credit or debit cards in this particular compartment. Beneath the credit card compartment, there is a mesh pocket for your pins, keys, lipstick, lighter, or other lightweight items. 

The P&F bag also has a keychain clip for your home, car, or office keys. Instead of carrying the keys in your wallet, you can hook the keys onto the keychain clip. You can always have the keys within reach. This is a complete storage solution for an active transport chair user. 


  • Decent replacement for a purse
  • Great for active wheelchair users
  • Suitable for short and long-distance travel
  • Unisex design


  • This bag sits on top of the armrest, which can block the retractability of the armrest 
  • Splash-proof, but not waterproof

#2 Vive Wheelchair Bag

best seller

This bag from Vive attaches itself to all types of transport chairs. Note that this is not a side bag. It is too big to be a side bag. You can hang it on the handles present on the back of the transport chair. 

This bag comes with two buckled straps. To attach it to the transport chair, all you need to do is loop the straps around the handles and lock the buckles. A disabled person can attach and detach this bag without needing help from a caregiver. It is user-friendly. 

Furthermore, the straps are adjustable. You don’t need to worry about the bag hanging too low or too high from the transport chair handles. You can adjust the length of the straps very easily. 

The additional padding on the shoulder strap makes carrying the bag easy and effort-free for a disabled person. The large space makes the Vive bag suitable for long-distance travel as well. You can keep your sweater, some clothes, a folding walking stick, a drink bottle, a book, medicines, and much more in the bag. 

Lastly, this bag is 19-inch wide and 14-inch tall. The pockets are nice and deep— they are about 4-inch deep. The bag is smaller in width compared to the width of the backrest of a transport chair, hence it won’t stick out.

What makes this one of the best transport chair bags? 

I like the fact that Vive offers 15 different color patterns to choose from. It also has plain bland-looking colors for professional folks. And bright colorful patterns for those who need something trendy and casual. Also, it’s one of the most purchased items in this category. 


  • 60-day guarantee
  • Several patterns to choose from
  • You can clean in a washer
  • Ample space to store your belongings  


  • This bag needs a reflective strip
  • The front pockets do not have zippers
  • Not 100 percent waterproof

#3 Medipaq Deluxe Bag

best value

This box-shaped bag is quite popular among wheelchair users in the UK. Now available worldwide, it can also be used perfectly with a transport chair. This bag by iMedic goes well with all types of transport chairs that have pushing handles at the back. 

I know this bag has a casual look, it resembles bags used by the school or college students but that’s just the design. It does not come with shoulder straps. This bag by iMedic has been around for more than 40 years. It’s a trusted product. 

Caregivers can carry this bag with the “padded carry handle”. The extra padding allows folks with weak grip strength to lift the bag for longer durations. 

This bag has a total of four compartments: three small zippered pockets in the front, and a primary compartment on the top. The front compartments can be used to store frequently needed items such as a toothbrush, smartphone, medicines, a pack of gum, and much more. 

The primary compartment is meant for items such as a bottle of water, clothes, electronic gadgets, documents, etc. There’s plenty of space in the primary compartment for other items as well.  

Moreover, this bag by iMedic is made with premium quality polyester fabric. Polyester or PVC material is known for its durability and strength. This is a long-lasting product. 

As I mentioned before, this bag does not have shoulder straps, it comes with two straps that can be looped over the rear handles of a transport chair. Use the loops to hang off the bag on the transport chair handles. You can adjust the length of the straps as per your needs. 


  • Moisture resistant fabric
  • Ample space
  • Trusted brand 
  • You can choose from three different colors


  • Not enough compartments

#4 HSGEZUOI Wheelchair Double-Sided Bag

best new release

HSGEZUOI brings you one of the best wheelchair side bags with a cup pocket. A bottle of water or a Starbucks takeaway coffee cup can fit snugly in the mesh pocket provided by the manufacturer. The mesh cup holder is reliable, strong, and well-stitched. 

I like that the mesh pocket also has a lock to ensure that the bottle stays in place irrespective of the position of the wheelchair. The mesh pocket can hold bottles up to 3.4 inches in diameter, and a regular-sized Starbucks coffee cup. 

Note that this bag from HSGEZUOI is double-sided— it rests on the right armrest of a wheelchair. This product is designed for full-length wheelchairs (and walkers). It may or may fit on top of a short or desk-length armrest. Caregivers should take the above-mentioned factor into consideration before going forward. 

This side bag is equipped with a total of four quick-connect buckles. The top two buckles are small and are designed to be used exclusively with a wheelchair. The bottom ones are large and can be used to keep the bag in place when used with a walker. Caregivers can use these buckles to attach the bag to the wheelchair or a walker. 

You will be glad to know that this bag comes with a total of 12 compartments. The part that hangs outside of the armrest is meant for a drink bottle, smartphone, earphones, or other electronic gadgets. 

Likewise, the inner part of the side bag has compartments that can store essential items such as credit cards, car keys, home keys, and small electronic gadgets such as a smartwatch and a mini music player. 

Furthermore, this bag is made from a durable Nylon material which is known for its waterproofing properties. Keep in mind that this side bag from HSGEZUOI is not 100 percent waterproof. The contents will get wet if you submerge the bag in water. Having said that, it will protect the contents from light rain or an accidental splash of water. 


  • Made with waterproof material
  • Plenty of room for your everyday things 
  • Equipped with a mountaineering key holder 
  • Comes with four quick-connect buckles 
  • Easy to install


  • The top two buckles are too small. Folks with arthritis might find it challenging to unhook them

#5 Armrest Pouch By Nursescape Store

best affordable

When it comes to armrest bags, this product from Nursescape Store is one of the best on the market. This organizer bag is designed for a wheelchair, transport chair, walker, and stroller. This compactly stylish bag is easy to install on all standard transport chairs. 

How to attach this organizer bag onto a transport chair? 

This bag comes with velcro straps spaced about 4-inches apart. You can attach the bag to the armrest or at the back of the transport chair. This bag can also be attached to the front rail of a walker. The velcro straps can be looped over the armrest. The velcro straps have a strong grasp — quite reliable. 

The straps do not come with buckles or a length adjustment hook, which is something unique about this bag. Detachment is quite uncomplicated as well. The transport chair user does not have to depend on the caregiver to install or remove this bag. This is a user-friendly product.

As you can see from the product image this is a small and compact transport chair pouch. It measures 12.5-inches in length and 7-inch in height. It is durable for both full-length and desk-length armrests. You can also attach it to the back of a transport chair. The choice is yours. 

Moreover, this bag has a total of three compartments: two zipperless pockets in the front and the primary zippered compartment at the top. The front two pockets are meant for frequently used essential items such as a drink bottle, reading glasses, a pen, medicine, asthma inhaler, and a smartphone. 

The primary compartment (which is the largest) can be used for storing cash, credit cards, reading glasses, sunglasses, insurance card, and other essential items. As you can see the bag is designed for someone with limited hand dexterity. The zipper is easy to open and close. 


  • Dedicated pocket for a drink bottle
  • Compactly stylish design
  • Creates a feeling of independence and self-reliance in transport chair users
  • Perfect alternative to a standard purse or a wallet


  • Need more patterns and colors

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between a wheelchair and a transport chair?

A wheelchair is self-propelled. The occupant pushes the wheels with their hands. Some wheelchairs are motorized and hence can be operated with a joystick. On the other hand, a transport chair is meant to be pushed by a second person (usually a caregiver). It has smaller wheels compared to a manual wheelchair.

These bags seem to be designed for a standard wheelchair. Can I use them on a transport chair?

You guessed it right. These bags are primarily designed for a manual wheelchair. But feel free to use them on a transport chair. All transport chairs have an armrest and rear handles. Hence, installation won’t be a problem.

Can I use these bags on a stationary lawn chair?

Yes, you can attach the bags mentioned in this post on a regular stationary lawn chair. Just make sure your chair has an arm to attach the bag to. All types of organizer bags can be attached to the armrest.

Can these bags hold a standard cordless home phone?

Yes, these bags are special enough to hold a cordless home phone. If your phone fails to fit in the smaller front pockets, you can keep it in the primary compartment. 

Will these bags be on a transport chair that does not have rear handles?

To be honest, a transport chair is pretty much useless without rear handles. But if your transport chair has an advanced pushing mechanism you can try attaching the bag on the armrest. Or go for the Nursescape organizer bag. It comes with velcro straps that can be attached to an arm or a rail present on the transport chair.

Are these bags washable? Can I put them in a washer?

Yes, these bags are both hand and machine-washable. Feel free to put them in a washer. I recommended cleaning them once every two months. You can clean them more frequently if you spend more time outdoors (it is more likely to get dirty outdoors).  


The best transport chair bags come with a minimum of three compartments. The size of the compartments may vary from one brand to another brand, but they should hold key essential items. The primary purpose of using a transport chair bag is to offer you easy access to things you need daily. Do you have any questions? Leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to help.

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