What Is the Fastest Way to Get Into a Nursing Home?

Several situations can force you to move your elderly parent to a nursing home. Old age, disability, memory decline, etc are some of the causes behind an urgent need to move a person to a nursing home.

You need to make a list of nursing homes in your area. Next, decide how you are going to be paying for the nursing home. From your pocket or a medical insurance program? If you are paying from your pocket, you can simply pick a nursing home that fits your budget, and has all the facilities. For the rest, there are government-funded/state-funded programs.

How to get someone admitted to a nursing home?

If you are going to be paying from your pocket, you need to focus on the following points:

  • The care facility should be close to your house
  • It should be within your budget
  • The place should have all the necessary facilities (medical and non-medical)
  • The facility should be rated by the CMS.gov
  • Check for any news on elder abuse in the nursing home you choose

Some nursing homes require the physician’s order during admission. You can get this document from your family physician or the nearest geriatrician.

Other than that, if your loved one is currently under medical treatment, you need to submit the relevant papers provided by the doctor. 

The nursing home staff may also ask your loved one to undergo a physical examination— before admission. 

When you pay from your pocket, there’s not much documentation or bureaucratic work that needs to be done. The process of admission is quite fast and simple.

How to get someone into a nursing home with no money?

Medicare and Medicaid are two payment options for folks who wish to admit their loved ones to a nursing home with no money. 

Medicare may not cover the charge of a nursing home but it does offer coverage for hospital care, doctor services, and medical supplies. Provided you are eligible, you should apply for both Medicare and Medicaid. 

Medicaid will pay 100 percent of the nursing home fees. The eligibility criteria for Medicaid vary from state to state. But generally, they evaluate you based on your current income and personal wealth. 

If you have decided to go with Medicaid, and you are eligible for it, make sure to look for Medicaid-certified nursing homes in your area. This particular program offers three types of services for free:

  • Skilled Nursing
  • Rehabilitation 
  • Long term care  

In addition to the fees, Medicaid will also take care of the costs related to medical care, treatment, medication, therapy, and much more. 

The federal requirements state that a nursing home under the Medicaid program must provide certain services without cost. In addition to the services listed above, this program mandates a care facility to provide proper food, personal hygiene items,  and dental services to the resident.

You will have to pay out of your pocket for luxury or comfort-related services. Your loved one should eat the food provided by the facility. You will have to pay out of your pocket if your loved one orders special meals.  

How to get a Dementia patient into a nursing home?

Finding a care facility for a person with Dementia can be a bit difficult. A person experiencing cognitive impairment needs to be put into a special unit called memory care. Most nursing homes have a Dementia section segregated from the other general units. 

You need to make sure that the staff is trained to handle Dementia patients. You can learn more about the staff by talking to others who have their loved ones staying in your desired nursing home. I suggest you read customer reviews online.  

Nursing homes for Dementia organize activities and events meant for someone with cognitive decline. The staff will most likely tell you about their activity schedule when you meet them for the first time. 

Also, inquire whether there are other residents in the facility with Dementia. Your parents will need emotional support from others experiencing the symptoms of Dementia. It may sound cliche (also a bit insensitive), but commonality helps people bond better. 

Final thoughts 

Being readily eligible for Medicaid and Medicare is the fastest way to get your aging parent into a care facility. Unless you are going to be paying from your pocket, you will have to rely on a government program that pays for the fees, and other medical services.

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  1. My mom is very sick and my dad also. My mom just got worse and not sure where to begin because yes, they are on medicare and a limited income.

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