5 Best Natural Sheepskin For Bed Sores And Skin Irritation

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Have you ever thought about how you can help bed sores and irritated skin feel better without using anything harsh? Well, let me tell you about something amazing I found: natural sheepskin. It’s really made a big difference for me, and I think it could help you too. Let me explain why.

Here Are the Best Natural Sheepskin For Bed Sores And Skin Irritation

1. Natural Design Architecture Natural Sheepskin for Bed Sores and Skin Irritation

The Natural Design Architecture Sheepskin is a great way to help those who are uncomfortable feel better. It’s made to be really gentle and cozy, which can make a big difference when you’re in pain. This special sheepskin creates a nice environment that can help improve blood flow and make you feel better overall.

You can use it as a soft pad on your bed or on a chair, like a wheelchair or an office chair. Its squishy padding gives you support and makes sitting or lying down for a long time more comfy.

This furry pad is made to help with body aches and skin problems that happen when you can’t move around much. It keeps you from getting too hot or too cold, so you’re always feeling just right.

When you’re sitting for a long time, it can really help to have something soft and supportive like this pad. It can even help you get better faster and live a healthier life. Plus, the thick pile of this sheepskin pad makes sure you get the same support everywhere you sit, which makes it even better at helping you feel better.

2. DMI Natural Sheepskin Medical Bed Mattress

The DMI Natural Sheepskin Medical Bed Mattress is a great choice if you’re taking care of someone who needs relief from bed sores or skin irritation. Made from top-quality wool, this bed pad helps prevent pressure sores and ulcers, so they can have a better sleep.

The natural sheepskin material doesn’t just cushion the body well, but also lets air flow better, making sleep more comfortable. Doctors recommend this wool mattress topper because it’s really good at preventing pressure ulcers and keeping people healthy.

This sheepskin bed pad feels like sleeping on a cloud, giving them a luxurious sleep experience. It helps distribute pressure evenly and gently supports their body, so they can sleep without any interruptions.

Whether they’re recovering from an injury or just want a comfier sleep, the DMI Natural Sheepskin Medical Bed Mattress keeps its promise of giving superior comfort and support.

3. Desert Breeze Distributing Minidoka Sheepskin Medical Underlay

The Desert Breeze Distributing Minidoka Sheepskin Medical Underlay is a special sheepskin made to help with health issues. It’s a gold-colored sheepskin that’s been carefully cut to cover as much area as possible.

Each piece is unique in size and shape, usually around 41-43 inches long and 25-28 inches wide in the middle. This uniqueness means it can fit you perfectly, no matter your size or shape.

This underlay is made to help with things like pressure sores, fibromyalgia, and poor circulation. It’s really soft and cozy, thanks to its dense, silky wool. Even if you have really sensitive skin, it’s comfortable to lie on. The softness of the sheepskin feels like a luxurious treat, helping you relax and easing any discomfort you might feel.

Besides being comfy, sheepskin is also really practical. It’s naturally resistant to fire, dirt, oil, and smells, which means it lasts a long time and is easy to take care of. That’s good news for both you and the caregiver.

Whether you need relief from health issues or just want something super comfy, the Desert Breeze Distributing Minidoka Sheepskin Medical Underlay is a great choice. It’s made from natural materials and designed with care, so it’s a smart addition to your wellness routine.

4. CleanSheep Store Sheepskin

The CleanSheep Store Sheepskin provides a natural solution for dealing with bed sores and skin irritation. It uses lambskin with its fleece still on. Made from natural lambskin leather, the fleece keeps its standard golden color without any bleaching or dyeing. This keeps the product pure, reducing the risk of anything that could make skin conditions worse.

One great thing about this sheepskin is its fleece, which is cut to a length of 1.25 inches. This makes it soft and cushiony for pressure points, giving comfort to those with bed sores. It also helps air flow around the skin.

Each sheepskin from CleanSheep Store is shaped uniquely, with the hide hand-trimmed along its curves. This makes each item a little different, adding to its charm and authenticity. Plus, the sheepskins are all sourced and made within the European Union, following strict quality and environmental rules.

Additionally, the eco-tanning process used for these sheepskins doesn’t use chromium, which is better for the environment and reduces potential health risks. This commitment to sustainability matches the growing demand for eco-friendly products, appealing to people who care about natural options for their health needs.

5. Desert Breeze Distributing Genuine New Zealand Baby Sheepskin

As a caregiver, when it comes to providing comfort and safety for the little ones in your care, the Genuine New Zealand Baby Sheepskin by Desert Breeze Distributing is an excellent choice. It’s a top-quality baby rug, sourced and made in New Zealand.

You’ll appreciate that this sheepskin is specially treated to be safe, clean, and natural, perfect for babies and young children. It meets high standards like OEKO-TEX Standard 100, REACH, and WOOLMARK, giving you peace of mind.

Measuring between 34 to 36 inches long, this sheepskin is just the right size for many uses. The wool is trimmed to a cushy 1-inch length, providing great support and comfort while being gentle on the skin.

One of the best things about this sheepskin is how easy it is to care for. You can toss it in the washing machine with lukewarm water and mild soap for a quick clean, keeping it hygienic without any hassle.

Buyer’s Guide

How does sheepskin help prevent bed sores?

Natural Sheepskin For Bed Sores And Skin Irritation

Sheepskin helps prevent bed sores by providing cushioning and reducing pressure on the skin. When someone lies on sheepskin, it distributes their weight evenly, preventing excessive pressure on any one area. This reduces the risk of bed sores forming.

For example, imagine sitting on a soft cushion versus a hard chair for a long timeā€”the cushion is gentler on your skin. Additionally, sheepskin absorbs moisture, keeping the skin dry, which is important for preventing bed sores. Dry skin is less prone to irritation and breakdown.

How should sheepskin be cleaned and maintained?

Natural Sheepskin For Bed Sores And Skin Irritation

To clean and maintain sheepskin for bed sore prevention, begin by shaking it outdoors to remove debris. Gently brush with a soft-bristled brush to fluff the wool. Avoid harsh chemicals; instead, use mild detergent diluted in water.

Hand wash the sheepskin in the solution, then rinse thoroughly. Air dry away from direct heat and sunlight to prevent damage. Regularly fluff and rotate the sheepskin to maintain its loft and prevent pressure points.

Avoid prolonged exposure to moisture. For soiled areas, spot clean promptly with a mild soap solution and rinse thoroughly. Regular maintenance preserves sheepskin quality, aiding in bed sore prevention.

Are there any alternatives to sheepskin for managing bed sores?

Yes, alternatives to sheepskin exist for managing bed sores. One option is medical-grade foam. This foam redistributes pressure and reduces friction, helping to prevent bed sores.

Another alternative is air-fluidized beds. These beds use air to create a fluid-like environment, reducing pressure on the skin.

Gel pads are also effective, providing cushioning and support to vulnerable areas.

Additionally, alternating pressure mattresses are available, which continuously change pressure points to reduce the risk of bed sores. Each alternative offers distinct benefits, catering to different needs and preferences.

How long can sheepskin be used before needing replacement?

Sheepskin’s durability varies based on use and care. Typically, with regular use, sheepskin products like rugs or seat covers last around 5-7 years. However, heavy use or exposure to harsh elements can shorten this lifespan.

Regular maintenance, like gentle brushing and occasional cleaning, prolongs usability. For instance, a sheepskin rug placed in a high-traffic area might wear out sooner than one in a low-traffic spot.

Also, environmental factors such as humidity and sunlight affect longevity. Inspecting for signs of wear, like thinning or bald patches, helps determine replacement time. Ultimately, proper care extends sheepskin’s usefulness, ensuring comfort and longevity.


In conclusion, natural sheepskin has proven to be an invaluable solution for soothing bed sores and skin irritation. Its gentle, natural properties offer comfort and relief without harsh chemicals. My advice? Give it a try and experience the difference for yourself!


  1. Does the patient’s skin have to come in direct contact with the sheepskin, or can clothes and waterproof pads be used on top of the sheepskin? Thanks so much for your help!

    1. Hi Susan,

      To benefit from the therapeutic properties of sheepskin for bedsores, direct contact with the patient’s skin is recommended, rather than placing clothes or waterproof pads on top of it.

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