10 Tranquillizing Songs for Alzheimer’s Patients

Music is key in putting a halt to the rapid aging process. I have compiled a list of songs for Alzheimer’s patients to help them deal with mental health conditions like dementia.

When was the last time you felt relaxed and carefree while listening to your favorite tunes?

Recent research shows that Music Therapy improves Alzheimer’s disease patient’s Autobiographical memory.

Especially, sad music— it was found to be most effective in recalling a patient’s past life events and episodes.

Research Says Music Can Create Fundamental Changes in the Minds of Alzheimer’s Patients.

A study was done by the University of Murcia, Spain reveals that music therapy improved cognitive, psychological, and behavioral changes in patients with Alzheimer’s disease.

They treated 42 patients(with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease) with music therapy for six weeks straight and saw significant improvement in their condition in just 4 weeks’ time.  

Here, you can listen to 10 Songs for Alzheimer’s Patients

It’s hassle-free. Just click on play and you won’t have to open a new window.

1) Just Breathe,  Pearl Jam


Pearl Jam is a Seattle based rock group— considered one of the most influential contemporary alternative rock bands in the 1990s.

This song is about appreciation and gratitude for the precious life that we are fortunate to have. It will make you cry.

2) Lean On Me, Bill Withers


Bill Withers was a three-time Grammy award-winning American singer-songwriter. He was in the limelight from 1970 to 1985 and recorded hit albums like “Menagerie” and “Still Bill”.

After moving to Los Angeles, he began to miss his childhood moments in the coal mining town of Slab Fork, West Virginia, which made him write the song “Lean on Me”.

These kind of songs are very popular, especially among Alzheimer’s patients.

3) Ave Maria, Schubert


Franz Peter Schubert(1797-1828) was an Austrian music composer. Ave Maria (originally known in English as “Ellen’s Third Song” ) was composed in 1825 and quickly became Schubert’s one of the most famous works at that time.

Its soulful lyrics have the power to melt the heart of the most hard-headed cold sort of a person.

4) Blue Suede Shoes, Elvis Presley


Blue Suede Shoes is a classic rock and roll song composed and originally recorded by Carl Perkins in 1955.

This song was later recorded by several other singers including the “King of Rock and Roll” Elvis Presley himself.

Perkins wrote this song based on an incident that took place near the stage where he was playing a song. He heard a young man dancing with a lady shout “Uh-uh, don’t step on my suedes!”. The man was wearing blue suede shoes and Perkins immediately decided to write a song on it.

5) It Was A Very Good Year, Frank Sinatra


Frank Sinatra was an actor, musician, and producer from New Jersey. He sold more than 150 million records worldwide and was one of the most popular musicians of the 20th century.

Frank humorously describes his dating life in this song. Nobody stays young forever, but old age is not so bad. It makes you wise and more self-accepting.

6) Vivaldi Four Seasons, Antonio Vivaldi


Four Seasons is a set of four violin concerts composed by the never-to-be-forgotten Antonio Lucio Vivaldi— an Italian musical composer, violinist, teacher, and priest. While he was living in Mantua aka Lombardy in Italy, the breathtaking countryside landscape of the town inspired him to create these four compositions(Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter).

This centuries-old music track will make you forget your worries and take you back to your golden days.

7) Frank Sinatra – New York New York


In this song, Frank yearns to leave everything behind to head to New York, and start a new life in the city that never sleeps.

8) Wake Me Up When September Ends, Green Day


Billie Joe Armstrong, the lead vocalist, primary songwriter, and lead guitarist of the punk rock band has written this song in remembrance of his father who passed away from cancer when Billy was just 10 years old.

This song was later dedicated to the victims of Hurricane Katrina and the September 11 attacks. The lyrics will make you feel more connected to everyone around you.

9) Three Little Birds, Bob Marley


In this song, Bob Marley— the Jamaican musical and cultural icon— reassures the people that everything is going to okay and they should get along with each day irrespective of the problems they have.

10) Amazing Grace, Elvis Presley


Amazing Grace is a Christian hymn composed by the poet John Newton in 1779.

The song depicts that forgiveness is possible with enough faith in God. Committing a sin does not necessarily have to end in punishment, there are ways to redeem yourself.

What’s all this fuss about Alzheimer’s disease?

Well, it was ranked sixth on the “Top 10 leading causes of death in the United States in 2017” list by Statista.

Frankly, I can’t understand why everybody doesn’t take advantage of music (as a way to relieve stress).

Especially, people suffering from brain disorders like Alzheimer’s disease. They should spend at least an hour a day listening to music genres like jazz, piano, indie, etc.

Along with a good diet, regular social activities and plenty of sleep, soothing songs are also beneficial for Alzheimer’s patients.

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  1. Thank you for this lovely playlist. I will be playing it for a group ‘Memory Cafe’ that support and help people/ carers of older people.

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