When Reasoning No Longer Works- Book Review

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You are reading the book review of “When Reasoning No Longer Works.” This book is for caregivers and family members of those suffering from dementia.  

Let me be frank, finding a good book on this subject is no easy task. Most dementia books are for certified and qualified medical professionals. These books are of no value for someone with no medical science or nursing background. If this sounds like you, you need to hear directly from someone who has been in the same predicament before. 

When Reasoning No Longer Works is an easy-to-read book with practical advice. It is a story-based book that keeps you engaged. Remember, the purpose here is to gain as much information on dementia and caregiving. Having a good understanding of the behavior and mindset of your loved one can make it easy going forward.

I have also shared things that I liked and disliked about the content, writing style, format, and several other relevant factors. In a nutshell, this book is all about recognizing emotional triggers beforehand; involves both you and the person with dementia. 

What Problem Does This Book Solve

When Reasoning No Longer Works

This book is for caregivers and family members of a dementia patient. You must shift your focus to learning about what dementia does to the brain if your loved one is recently being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or Huntington’s disease. 

Traditional medicine isn’t the correct path, especially, when dealing with a genetic condition such as Huntington’s disease

By reading this book you can ensure that the hectic nature of the condition does not affect your sanity. Having a catastrophic reaction to the disruptive actions of your loved one could make matters worse. 

Author of This Book: Angel Smits

Angel Smits
Angel Smits

Angel Smits is a Colorado-based Gerontologist with twenty years of experience dealing with aging individuals. FYI, gerontological research has been around for the past 50 years. 

Although Angel is dedicated to her field, she has also published some bestselling romance novels. Currently, Angel Smits actively participates in social work and charity events in Colorado and adjacent regions. 

What I Like About This Book

Angel Smits focuses more on the well-being and betterment of the caregiver or the family member of the dementia patient. Most books for dementia caregivers are focused solely on dealing with the patient. 

Angel makes the reader realize that their mental health is equally important. A condition like dementia has the potential to destabilize the life of the family members of the patient. To make the message clear, Angel also shares case studies for each stage of the disease. 

The case studies help you predict the physiological and emotional changes that are about to occur in your loved one’s life. The practical steps provided to deal with the changes are tried and tested by the author and several other caregivers.

What I Don’t Like About This Book

The book revolves around characters Lou and Rose. In my humble opinion, the author could have done a better job of linking the practical steps of dealing with a dementia patient with the characters. The reader deserves to know how Lou can deal with difficult circumstances better.

Secondly, the Kindle version needs smaller, more discernible sections. Once you finish reading a particular chapter, it is really difficult to recall what the underlying message was, a few pages later. I personally had to bookmark certain pages with a colored tape sticking out

Who is The Book “When Reasoning No Longer Works” for

This book is meant for those who are dealing with a family member or a friend with dementia. It can be quite scary to know that your loved one will not be able to function properly henceforth.

On top of that, you will have to spend most of your time nursing and helping them with the activities of daily living. This book will equip you with all the knowledge and tools required to deal with a person with dementia. 

This book is quite comforting. You can use it as a practical reference guide (which I recommend) or give it a read once before beginning your challenging journey as an untrained caregiver to your loved one. 

Take Away from When Reasoning No Longer Works Review

I hope the When Reasoning No Longer Works review was valuable. The basic essence of this book is to become conscious of the pitfalls of caregiving so you can dodge them effortlessly. There are millions of people out there who have a family member (most likely a senior person) suffering from dementia. This book helps you realize that you are not alone.

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