5 Best Fidget Blankets for Dementia Patients

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Dementia interferes with the daily functioning of an individual. It can bring about changes in the behavior and mood of your loved one. It is common for a dementia-affected person to feel anxious and uneasy when left alone. [1] 

During this period, they feel the need to fidget with pillow covers, bedsheets, their own clothes, and basically any object in the vicinity. They feel a strong urge to do something with their hands. This is where fidget blankets come into the picture. 

Informal caregivers are well aware of the fact that it is impossible to accompany their loved ones 24×7. Most caregivers have jobs, and some have to attend school during the day. 

Activity blankets made especially for dementia patients can keep their minds engaged when you are away. These quilts are equipped with zippers, buckles, lacing, pockets, and much more. I would love to share the best fidget blankets for dementia patients.

Here Are The Best Fidget Blankets For Dementia Patients

1. A Bit of Sum Sum Fidget Blanket

The “A Bit of Sum Sum Fidget Blanket” is a great help for seniors dealing with daily challenges. Made with them in mind, this blanket is a handy tool to help seniors with simple tasks. You can place it within easy reach or on a bedside table, making it easy for seniors to get to.

One impressive thing about this blanket is how strong it is. The way it’s made shows that it can handle being used regularly. This strength is important because seniors need something reliable for their daily lives.

It’s not just useful at home; it’s also a big help in hospitals. For seniors in hospitals, it keeps their hands away from things like IVs and catheters. Being in a hospital for a long time is tough, and this blanket helps with a common problem. The design stops seniors from accidentally pulling on things they shouldn’t, making things more comfortable for them and easier for the nursing staff.

To sum it up, the “A Bit of Sum Sum Fidget Blanket” is a smart choice for anyone looking for a strong and flexible solution to assist seniors, especially those dealing with challenges in healthcare settings. It’s not just helpful for daily tasks but also makes the hospital experience smoother for both seniors and healthcare providers.


  • Thoughtful design caters to unique needs of users
  • Effectively keeps hands away from medical equipment


  • May not suit individuals with specific sensory preferences

2. Odoxia Store Fidget Blanket

The Odoxia Store Fidget Blanket comes in a nice package, showing that it’s well-crafted inside. It looks really cute on the outside, adding a nice touch wherever you put it. The careful packaging not only keeps it safe during delivery but also adds a bit of charm that both caregivers and seniors would like.

Made with seniors in mind, this fidget blanket is a good tool to help people with dementia stay calm and have fun. You can fidget with it whenever you feel anxious, making it a comforting thing to use all day. This adaptability is a big deal, making it useful for both seniors and those who take care of them.

People who know a lot about products for dementia patients often suggest the Odoxia Store Fidget Blanket. They say it really helps the emotional well-being of those they care for.

But, it’s important to know that some people might find all the features on the blanket a bit too much. There are many things on it, and it’s a bright red color, which might be too much for people who are very sensitive.

Even though the idea is to give different things to play with, we need to think about how it might be too much for some people. Caregivers should be careful about what the person they’re taking care of likes and doesn’t like.

In the end, the Odoxia Store Fidget Blanket is a good choice for helping dementia patients. It looks nice and works well, giving comfort and something to do. But, remember, be aware of how it might be too much for some people and use it in a way that fits each person’s needs.


  • Designed for both men and women 
  • Thoughtful packaging and visually appealing exterior
  • Hand washable 


  • The abundance of features may overwhelm some patients
  • Bright red color might be too stimulating for certain individuals

3. Fidget Blanket By Rainbowstar Store

Rainbowstar Store fidget blanket is made with soft denim cloth (classic light blue). The sensory elements are colorful and bright. This quilt is suitable for dementia patients who prefer playing with vibrantly colored objects. 

The blanket is hand washable. We do not recommend machine washing this product as it has sensory elements attached to it. The elements might tear apart and get stuck in the washer. 

Apart from that, you do not have to worry about a loved one swallowing the sensory elements. They are sewn to the blanket with high-quality and durable nylon thread. Let them pull, grab and twist the elements. They won’t come off easily. 


  • Brightly colored 
  • Made with durable denim cloth 
  • Hand washable 
  • Designed with safety in mind


  • Pricey 
  • No whistle or memory cards, it’s a basic activity quilt
  • The denim cloth with fade with each wash

4. Kumuni Fidget Blanket

The Kumuni Fidget Blanket is a smart choice for caregivers looking for a lap blanket for seniors with dementia. It’s made with care to make sure it’s safe, so there’s no worry about choking hazards. The attachments are firmly fixed, giving you peace of mind.

What makes this blanket special is the different textures it has. There are soft fabrics and things to touch, making it a rich experience for the senses. This not only makes the blanket comfy but also helps keep the person using it engaged.

The blanket is designed to tackle boredom and wandering in dementia patients. The mix of textures isn’t just for comfort; it also helps stimulate the mind and gives a sense of comfort.

But here’s something important to know: some seniors might not get what the blanket is for. Because it’s made to fidget with, some might think it’s a toy. This could lead to different reactions, from being upset to wanting to keep it for their grandkids. Keep this in mind when you introduce the blanket to them.

To sum it up, the Kumuni Fidget Blanket is a safe and well-made choice for caregivers of dementia patients. The different textures make it a sensory experience, addressing problems like boredom. Just remember, some seniors might not see it as a helpful tool, so be aware of that when you give it to them.


  • Carefully crafted for safety, eliminating choking hazards for seniors
  • Spot cleaning will do the job


  • Potential for varied reactions, from offense to wanting to keep it for grandkids

5. Dementia Blanket By Odoxia Store

This dementia fiddle blanket from Odoxia Store makes a perfect gift for an elderly family member. Your love will thank you for this blanket as they no longer will have to sit ideally or stare outside the window when bored.

This is the largest fiddle blanket on the list, by the way. It is a rectangular-shaped blanket with a width of 23.6 inches and a breadth of 11.8 inches. It rests comfortably on a tabletop. You can even place it on your loved one’s lap. It doesn’t weigh much.

The sensory elements attached to this blanket are skin-friendly, although the texture ranges from soft to rough. They are designed to help your loved ones exercise their memory and sharpen their cognitive ability.

This product makes a perfect shareable item in a nursing home or a long-term care facility. Your loved one can make friends by inviting other seniors to play with the blanket. Being surrounded by others will help lift their spirits.


  • Makes a good gift 
  • Several levels of difficulty 
  • The surface is soft and velvety 
  • Comes with a storage pocket


  • Not enough elements, the mat could have done with some more elements 
  • Only suitable for folks with mild memory impairment, the tasks are easy 

Buyer’s Guide:

The Science Behind Fidget Blankets

In a study conducted by Mukerrem K. Yildiz, PhD, and Ayse Cal, PhD, on March 22, 2022, researchers aimed to understand the impact of the Alzheimer’s Blanket Activity Program (ABAP) on individuals with Alzheimer’s disease. The focus was on behavioral symptoms, daily activities, and overall quality of life.

The research spanned from November 2019 to February 2020 and took place in the homes of participants with Alzheimer’s disease. The study utilized a single-group pre-post-test design. During the three-month follow-up period, the ABAP included two home visits, telephone interviews, and counseling services.

Results indicated positive changes in the daily life activities, quality of life, and neuropsychiatric symptom scores among individuals with Alzheimer’s disease after participating in the program. However, it’s essential to note that these improvements were not deemed statistically significant.

The researchers suggest that future studies with a more extended intervention and follow-up period involving the ABAP could provide insights into the potential long-term effects of the program.

Choosing The Right Fidget Blankets for Dementia Patients

Fidget Blankets for Dementia Patients

Choosing the right kind of fidget blanket for a loved one with dementia can make a big difference in their comfort and well-being. Fidget blankets, designed with various textures and features, can provide sensory stimulation and a sense of calm. Here’s a simple guide to help you make the right choice for your loved one.

Consider Sensory Preferences

When choosing a fidget blanket, think about the textures and materials that your loved one enjoys. Some may prefer soft fabrics like fleece, while others may find comfort in materials with a bit of texture. Touch is important, so choose a blanket that feels pleasant to the touch.

Size Matters

Pick a fidget blanket that’s just the right size. It should be easy to handle and not too large or heavy. A good size allows your loved one to comfortably hold and manipulate the blanket, promoting a sense of independence. For instance, if your loved one tends to fidget with smaller objects, a compact fidget blanket with various textures might be a great fit.

Versatility is Key

Look for a fidget blanket with a variety of features. Different textures, buttons, zippers, and pockets can keep things interesting. Versatile blankets can engage your loved one’s senses and provide a range of activities to explore. A fidget blanket with buttons to button and unbutton, a zipper to zip and unzip, and different textures to feel can offer a variety of tactile experiences.

Safety First

Ensure that the fidget blanket is safe and easy to maintain. Check for securely attached elements that won’t pose a choking hazard. Machine-washable materials make it convenient for you to keep the blanket clean. Opt for a fidget blanket with securely stitched elements like buttons and patches to ensure they won’t come loose during use.

Personalize for Individual Needs

Everyone is unique, and so are their needs. Consider your loved one’s specific interests and preferences. Some may enjoy a blanket with familiar items, like buttons resembling flowers or textures reminiscent of a favorite fabric. For instance, if your loved one has a fondness for animals, a fidget blanket with soft, furry patches resembling animals might bring them joy.

Ease of Use

Choose a fidget blanket that is simple to use. Complicated features may frustrate rather than soothe. The goal is to provide a calming and engaging experience without causing stress. I think a straightforward fidget blanket with easy-to-grasp features, like loops or textured patches, can be more enjoyable for someone with dementia

Selecting the right fidget blanket for a dementia patient is a good way to enhance their comfort and well-being. By considering sensory preferences, size, versatility, safety, personalization, and ease of use, you can find a blanket that provides comfort and engagement for your loved one.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the purpose of sewing holes in fidget blankets?

You might have noticed the sewing holes in some of the blankets discussed in this article. Their main purpose is to increase finger dexterity and hand-eye coordination in an elderly person with Dementia. In psychology, the ability to sew correlates directly with cognitive abilities.

Are they portable?

Some of them are portable. Some of them come with handles which make them easy to carry. Other flatter blanket can folded and placed in a bag or a sack.

Will these blankets help reduce the habit of pinching and picking in the elderly?

It is common for some with Dementia to pinch items such as pillows, books, bedsheets, and other items around them. Some folks also engage in potentially harmful activities such as skin picking. These blankets are equipped with sensory materials. When seniors fiddle with the sensory materials, they are basically channeling their urges in a creative way.

Do they come with ID card holders?

Not all fidget blanket come with ID card holders. Some come with ID card holders. You can add a personal touch to the blanket by attaching your loved ones passport sized picture.

Will these blankets improve concentration and focus in a senior person?

Fidget blanket offer seniors with Dementia a chance to engage in sensory activities. The activities help them sharpen their memory, focus and concentration. They are reduce anxiety which in turn enables them to stay loosey-goosey, and even keeled.


Fidget blankets are also known as activity blankets or sensory pads. They are known by several names but their fundamental purpose is the same. They help a dementia person relax by keeping their minds engaged. 

Originally, these blankets were designed for kids with developmental disabilities such as Asperger Syndrome or Autism. But now they are available for dementia-affected folks as well. 

These blankets are perfect for dementia patients staying at home. Storage is not an issue. You can place them in a drawer or a shelf. Some of the blankets can also be folded into a bag or book— making them easy to maintain. 

Furthermore, you can also give one of these blankets to a loved one staying in a nursing home. They can share this blanket with other elders which can help them socialize and make friends. 

That’s all I have to share about the best fidget blankets for dementia patients. Do you have any questions? Leave a comment below. I’ll be happy to help you out. 

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