5 Best Patient Transfer Sheets With Handles

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It is always a challenge to buy the perfect home medical supply equipment for your loved one. You will be surprised to learn that there are several caregivers out there who haven’t yet learned about patient positioning systems

Repositioning, lifting, and moving a patient is not only laborious for a caregiver but also puts the patient’s safety in jeopardy. I have reviewed the five best patient transfer sheets with handles. They make life peaceful for both patient and caregiver.  

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  1. Best Overall Zheeyi 43″ X 36″ Positioning Bed Pad With Reinforced Handles
  2. Best Seller Zheeyi 48″ X 40″ Bed Positioning Pad With Reinforced Handles
  3. Best Value Essential Medical Supply Quik-Sorb 34″ x 35″
  4. Best New Release Line2design Portable Transport Unit
  5. Best Affordable  Nova Waterproof Reusable Underpad 

Here are the best patient transfer sheets with handles

1. Zheeyi 43″ X 36″ positioning bed pad with reinforced handles

best overall

The 43″ X 36″ positioning bed pad from Zheeyi has made life much easier for both patients and caregivers. Zheeyi is a well-known brand in the assistive/surgical/medical/veterinary apparatus and instruments market. The brand is owned by Keasy (Xiamen) Technology co., ltd.

The innovative patient positioning bed pad can be used at your residence, nursing home, or a medical care facility.

As the name suggests, this patient transfer sheet is 43-inch long and 36-inch wide. The dimensions are more than sufficient even for large-sized patients.

This special sheet is designed for four specific purposes 1) sitting up 2) turning  3) repositioning and 4) lifting. As of now, this sheet is available in the color blue. The manufacturer has promised more colors in the future. 

This product is suitable for:

Several medical conditions (including paralysis, dementia, or damage to muscles/ tendons/ligaments) can force a person to become completely or partially immobile. This product is suitable for a caregiver or a family member of someone suffering from the aforementioned conditions. The sheet is designed to help you move the patient all by yourself (without needing an additional hand). 


  • Hand washable 
  • Reinforced handles make repositioning easy and effortless
  • Double-sided nylon breathable fabric
  • Waterproof material
  • Money-back guarantee


  • The material may stick to the patient’s body when moving within the bed
  • Gets wrinkled after a few washes 

2. Zheeyi 48″ X 40″ bed positioning pad with reinforced handles

best seller

The Zheeyi 48″ X 40″ is one of the best patient transfer sheets with handles. This sheet is designed specifically for large-sized patients, although it can also benefit someone looking for cushioning over the entire width of the bed.

Compared to the previously discussed model (i.e Zheeyi 43″ X 36″), it also provides additional freedom of movement for the occupant.  

This patient transfer sheet enables a caregiver or a helper to turn, reposition, or lift a bedridden patient with ease. The double-sided nylon fabric is equipped with 8 heavy-duty, reinforced handles.

The top two handles can be used to lift the patient into a seated position. Whereas, the remaining six handles come in the play for operations like turning, repositioning, or lifting. 

This product is suitable for:

This transfer sheet is perfect for large-sized bedridden patients. The nylon material used in the making of this product has a smooth texture (it is skin-friendly). Although, you can always add an extra layer of cotton on top of the sheet. Don’t worry, the cotton sheet won’t stick to the nylon transfer sheet while repositioning a patient. Moreover, this product is thin and flexible enough to slip under a patient on the bed.


  • Safe for skin
  • Thin and flexible material
  • Waterproof and breathable
  • Hand and machine-washable


  • The handles may hang out of the sides of the bed
  • Hemmed edges may cause some discomfort while pulling the sheet

3. Essential Medical Supply Quik-Sorb 34″ x 35″

best value

Essential Medical Supply is an American supplier of home medical and health-related products. The company is owned by an American and is headquartered in Orlando, Florida. The Quik-Sorb 34″ x 35″ is one of the best patient transfer sheets with handles for those looking for a whisper-soft product. 

The brushed polyester material is used as the top and bottom cover. The velvety texture feels very light on the back. The brushed polyester material ensures that the patients won’t wake up in the middle of the night due to excessive sweating or discomfort due to heat underneath their skin

This product is suitable for:

Quik-Sorb is a combination of an underpad and a transfer sheet. It comes with four handles. Moreover, the six layers promote sweat absorption (can hold up to 8.5fl oz of fluid) when the paint is asleep at night. This product is not built for heavy-duty use. 

You can use the handles to adjust the position of your loved one/patient on the bed. It also works perfectly for transferring the patient from a wheelchair to a car/bed/sofa or vice-versa. The handles are tough enough to withstand a patient weighing 150-160 lbs. 


  • Snug-fitting
  • Cool in summer, warm in winter
  • Works great as a repositioning device
  • Machine washable and dryable up to 300 times


  • Top and bottom pads made from brushed polyester, and not cotton
  • Not meant for heavy-duty use

4. Line2design portable transport unit

best new release

Line2Design is one of the popular home medical suppliers in North America. The company is headquartered in Mentone, California.

The portable transport unit from Line2Design is a one-piece construction device for repositioning and lifting bedridden patients. As you can see in the image below, the sheet is equipped with six sturdy handles on each side. 

The manufacturer has made some key changes to the previous model of this sheet. It is now longer and wider (40″ x 80″).

Moreover, this transfer sheet can withstand harsh conditions without disappointing the caregiver. It has been tested to bear 1500 lbs of weight. The portable design of this sheet makes it possible for it to be folded into a compact package (weighing only one pound).

This product is suitable for:

This product is more than just a patient repositioning sheet. The new and improved design makes it one of the best alternatives to stretchers. The backboard pockets ensure the safety of the large-sized patients when being moved. The patient’s head and legs can be safely contained inside the backboard pockets during transportation or repositioning. 


  • One-piece rugged construction
  • Impact-resistant
  • Long-wearing
  • High holding capacity (1500 lbs)
  • Best alternative to a stretcher


  • Too long (80-inch) for some people
  • Does not come with a backboard 

5. Nova waterproof reusable underpad 

best affordable

Are you looking for the best patient transfer sheet with handles for cheap?

Reusable underpad from Nova is an underpad-transfer sheet combo that can be washed over 300 times. Needless to say, this product is not meant for heavy-duty usage. It is not designed to carry a patient from one location to another. This underpad-sheet works great for repositioning a patient on a bed or a couch. 

It is not uncommon for bedridden patients to urinate or sweat excessively while asleep at night. The top layer of this underpad-sheet combo is built with 100 percent pure cotton. It is soft on the skin.

Further, the middle soaker layer (polyester/rayon blend) has a high absorbency rate. Lastly, the bottommost layer (durable vinyl) retains the moisture content. You can switch the used underpad in the morning with a fresh one.  

This product is suitable for:

This underpad-transfer sheet combo is perfectly suited for repositioning a bedridden person on a bed. The positioning loops (four handles) help you pull, lift, or drag a patient with ease. The Nova underpad can go on top of a bed, sofa, couch, or recliner. As you can see from the product image, the sheet is compact and one size fits all. This underpad makes caregiving easier than ever.


  • No-leak barrier
  • Easy storage
  • Machine-washable over 300 times
  • The top layer is soft and downy
  • Four conveniently located handle straps


  • The grip on the handles can be improved 
  • Not built for relocating a large patient from one place to another

Buyer’s guide: What to look for when buying a patient transfer sheet with handles

Best Patient Transfer Sheets With Handles

Buying a patient positioning system for a loved one is no easy task. There are a variety of transfer sheets available on the market. Before choosing one, you must take into account the unique needs and wants of your loved one. You need to make a call about whether to go for a dedicated transfer sheet or an underpad-transfer sheet combo. Stick with a dedicated transfer sheet if your loved one does not have bladder control issues.  

Here are the factors you must consider when buying a patient transfer sheet with handles

1. Dimensions 

Before picking a patient positioning system, you must take into account the height and weight of the patient. For taller and well-built patients, a 40-inch long and 36-inch wide dedicated transfer sheet. 

Keep in mind that the wider the transfer sheet, the more difficult it is to get a good grip on the handles. Wider sheets may work well for caregivers who are more concerned about repositioning the patient. 

Dimensions only come into the picture when you are tasked with lifting the patient single-handedly. Smaller transfer sheets can be easily wrapped around a patient. The handles won’t be as far away from the center of gravity of the patient.

2. Material 

You will find that most transfer sheets are made with a synthetic material such as polyester/nylon. These materials have high tensile strength and hence are long weary.

However, sleeping on top of a thin nylon material may not be as comfortable. Synthetic materials do not breathe so well and are known to generate a lot of heat. Go for cotton underpads if comfort and convenience are more important to you than ruggedness and strength. 

3. Rate of fluid absorption

Fluid absorption can be quite an important factor when looking for a transfer sheet capable of keeping the user dry and clean when asleep. Bladder control can be a massive issue when a patient is bedridden. 

best patient transfer sheets with handles
closed system urine drainage bag

Surely, you can attach urine drainage bags (as shown in the image above) to collect urine at night, but other bodily fluids such as sweat and vomit can permanently damage the mattress. An underpad-transfer sheet combo can absorb over 8 fl oz of fluid, keeping the bed dry and wilted. 

4. Reusability 

best patient transfer sheets with handles
machine washable

Are you looking for a long-term solution to your patient positioning and lifting problem? A disposable patient transfer sheet may work well for caregivers who do not wish to spend time cleaning the sheet once every day. 

You cannot store a used underpad, it begins to stink and can attract germs. On the other hand, a machine-washable underpad works well for caregivers who do not mind cleaning the sheet after a night of use.

Also not that, 100 percent nylon may not need cleaning at all. You can merely spray some disinfectant and the nylon sheet will be good as new. 


I hope you enjoyed this guide to buying the best patient transfer sheets with handles for your loved one. Do not forget, that the primary purpose of a patient transfer sheet is to make life easier for both the patient and the caregiver. 

With the right transfer sheet, the currently motionless patient will now be able to sit upright and engage in activities like dining, conversing with family members, using a computer, playing a board game, and much more. 

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