Best Three Wheel Bicycles for Seniors

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Riding a two-wheeled bicycle can be fun when you are young and carefree, but the same can turn into a source of danger when you turn old. It is common for people to lose their sense of balance as they get older. And there is a greater chance of falling when riding a bicycle.

This is where a three-wheeled bicycle (also known as a tricycle or a trike) comes into the picture. A tricycle can help older adults stay mobile without the risk of falling or tripping over. 

Some tricycles have two wheels at the rear, one at the front, and others have one wheel at the rear and two at the front. It is the job of the third wheel to keep the bike standing at all times. 

In this post, I have reviewed the best three wheel bicycles for seniors

How do I choose a three wheel bicycle for seniors? What to look for?

How do I choose a three wheel bicycle for seniors

Buying a three wheel bicycle is not that difficult. Most functions are standard and people have been using this self-propelled vehicle for ages. In the next few paragraphs, I will share some tips and things to look for when buying the perfect trike for senior citizens. 

The trike must have good braking power 

Braking power is also known as stopping power. It is the ability of the brakes to generate friction between a brake pad and a rotor. The more friction the more will be the braking power of a trike. 

Note that the rear wheels should have a special type of brakes called expander brakes. In such a brake, a flexible band or a set of circular segments is sprung outward against the inside rim of a hub or wheel.

The front wheel should have linear-pull brakes. As opposed to modern V-brakes, linear-pull brakes are reliable. They last longer than any other brakes, and the stopping power does not reduce with use. 

Do you want single-speed or multi-speed?

Most three wheel bicycles come with in-built gear systems. The gears allow you to operate the trike at multiple speeds. You can change the gears based on the terrain and the load. 

I prefer the multi-speed system. But not all seniors will be familiar with it. And the multi-speed system does require some training and getting used to it. 

Seniors who struggle with learning new things can go for a basic single-speed trike. No need to shift gears. But remember that a single-speed trike is suitable for a flat area. Those living in a hilly region should look for a trike with a minimum of five gears. 

Always go for a padded seat 

Not all three wheel bicycles come with cushy seats. Some come with a hard seat which is meant for specific purposes. I recommend going for the one with a soft and cushioned seat. If you wish to sit with your spine erect, go for a seat with a backrest attached. 

Do you want a manual or electric three-wheeled bicycle?

Three-wheeled bikes are mostly self-propelled. You are supposed to drive the bike with the force generated by your legs. These bikes have a simple operating principle. You push the paddles with your feet, and the chain attached to the paddles pulls the rear wheel, making the bike move forward. 

Self-propelled trikes are perfect for seniors who live in a region with flat ground. You can go for the trikes with a multi-speed gear system if you live in a hilly region. 

Likewise, powered trikes come with a battery and a motor. Powered trikes have several modes of operation. You can choose to drive the trike with a motor, with your legs, or a combination of the two. The electric version of the trikes is a bit expensive. 

My recommendations for the best three wheel bicycles for seniors

1. Mobo Triton Pro Adult Tricycle

This recumbent bike is designed for older adults who like to travel in total comfort. Seniors can use this bike to go to the shopping mall, visit the nearest park, or even see their doctor. I am sure— from the product images— you must have noticed that there’s something unique about this three wheeled bike. It has a low center of gravity. It offers excellent balance. Lastly, you can take it out for a spin any time of the day, and get an awesome cardio workout done. 


  • Made on the US soil
  • Mobo Cruiser offers excellent customer service 
  • Suitable for seniors with mobility issues


  • Does not come with rear-view mirrors
  • The quality of tires needs improvement 

2. MarKnig Adult Tricycle for Recreation, Shopping, Exercise

I have to be honest, this tricycle from MarKnig appears very basic. Unlike other newer bikes on the market, MarKnig offers fundamental features and not advanced ones. But not all seniors would want advanced hard-to-learn features on a bike. I like that MarKnig has enabled this bike with an 18-inch wide basket. The basket is perfect for storing shopping items, camping equipment, or even medical equipment that seniors need on a day-to-day basis.


  • Reliable product 
  • Excellent after-sales customer service 
  • Tires are capable of withstanding heavy pressure
  • Comes with dual suspension


  • Looks very basic. Some might find the appearance very dull
  • Does not come with an instruction manual
  • You must know how to put together a trike.

3. Viribus Motorized Adult Tricycle with Adjustable Cruiser Bike Seat

This is by far my favorite trike on the market. It is a powered trike. It comes with a powerful motor that can drive the trike up to 15.5 mph. You can ride up to 21.7 miles on a single charge of the battery. Needless to mention, you can turn off the power mode and use your legs to drive the bike forward. Viribus also offers exciting features such as cargo space, headlight, and easy recharging. Most importantly, Viribus has put together an easy-to-follow assembly video on YouTube.


  • Multiple drive modes 
  • Perfect for folks who stay in a hilly region
  • Suitable for tall (6 feet+) people as well
  • Best for seniors who struggle to get a driving license


  • The frame is slightly heavier than other trikes on the market
  • The seat is a bit hard 

4. PEXMOR Adult Tricycle 7 Speed

The PEXMOR Adult Tricycle 7 Speed is a practical choice for individuals, especially those with Alzheimer’s, needing mobility support. Assembly is made manageable with clear instructions, aiding caregivers or family members. The careful packaging ensures parts arrive intact, reflecting the manufacturer’s commitment to quality. Its standout feature, the spacious rear white basket, facilitates carrying groceries and personal items, simplifying outings for Alzheimer’s patients and their caregivers. Though the front basket is relatively small and lacks a painted finish, its foldable design offers convenience, allowing users to save space when not in use, prioritizing practicality over aesthetics.


  • Clear assembly instructions aid caregivers
  • Spacious rear basket simplifies carrying belongings
  • Foldable front basket offers space-saving convenience
  • Versatile 7-speed design accommodates various needs


  • Front basket aesthetics could be improved

5. Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle

Schwinn Meridian is a household name in the US. The cycle company was founded by Ignaz Schwinn about 125 years ago. Although a lot of their cycles these days are made in Taiwan, the quality remains the same as it was a hundred years ago. This trike is perfect for someone who prefers quality over anything else. The trike is single-speed and comes with a spring-enabled seat. This trike is suited for seniors with heights between 5.4 feet to 6.4 feet. 


  • Trusted brand 
  • Lots of color choices 
  • Excellent stopping power 


  • A bit pricey

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How to assemble a three wheel bicycle? Do they arrive home pre-assembled?

The trikes do not come home preassembled, the parts come in a box. Most manufacturers provide assembling videos along with the product package. The process of assembly is the same for most trikes, hence you can refer to a video on YouTube. 

What if I fail to assemble it?

If you do not have sufficient knowledge or experience in assembling a bike, I suggest you ask a friend or a family member for help. You can also hire a handyman for the same. 

Which trike is better? Manual or electric?

Both are good. Manual trikes are affordable, and they offer you a chance to perform cardio exercises. Whereas electric trikes can enable seniors with mobility problems to move and stay active

Are electric tricycles expensive?

Yes, they are significantly pricier than their manual counterparts. 

What is the rider weight limit for these tricycles?

Rider weight limit varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. But generally, 300lbs is considered to be safe. Motorized trikes have a greater rider weight limit (It can go up to 500lbs).

Can I install an additional storage basket on my trike?

You can put an additional storage basket at the front or the sides of the trike. But the basket should not interfere with the turning of the steering handles. And it should not stick out (more than a foot) from the sides. 

Final recommendations

Now we have come to the end of the article where it is time to decide which of these trikes is better.

I recommend the adult tricycle from Schwinn Meridian for folks looking for a manual tricycle. Yes, it is single-speed, but most seniors will be able to drive it with their legs. 

On the other hand, the electric bike from Viribus is the best in the motorized trike category. The battery is located beneath the seat, hence it does not interfere with the operations. You can also remove the battery if you wish to operate this trike in self-propelled mode. 

Do you have any questions? Kindly comment below.

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