8 Outdoor Activities for Seniors With Dementia

It is important for a caregiver to encourage the person with Dementia to remain active and fit. Convincing them to go out or meet with people is not easy, especially when they are grumpy. But thankfully there are certain fun activities that are proven to put seniors in a cheerful mood. In this post, I share some of the best outdoor activities for seniors with Dementia.

Here are the best outdoor activities for seniors with Dementia

1. A visit to the zoo

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a zoo nearby. But there are more than 355 zoos in the United States. I am sure you will find one that is within driving distance. [1].

A visit to the zoo will only be fruitful if the care recipient has a particular liking for an animal. On your visits to the zoo, take special note of where the patient prefers to spend most of their time. 

Do they like a particular section of the zoo? If yes, they are more likely to want to come back to the zoo. 

2. A visit to the park

It is important for a person with Dementia to have an active lifestyle. But not all seniors like to work out or exercise. If this sounds like your family member or care recipient, take them to the nearest park. Find a clean bench, and let them sit for 30-40 minutes every day.

3. Gardening 

This one is for those who are already interested in landscaping, planting, or floriculture. You also need to have some space in the backyard where the care recipient can plant trees. 

4. Exercise classes

Tai chi is one of the best exercises for older people with mobility issues. It is easy to learn for seniors in the early stages of Dementia. All they have to do is follow the instructor. The steps are not physically demanding. I suggest you look for a Tai chi class nearby. Alternatively, Yin yoga can help them stay in shape without having to risk injuries. 

5. A visit to the mall

Do you have a mall nearby? If yes, you can take the care recipient or your loved one to the mall, once or twice a week. Malls have additional facilities for wheelchair users, which is a plus point for folks who use wheelchairs or walkers.  

What to do in a mall? Well, a person with Dementia is less likely to be interested in shopping, or any other activity that requires planning or going through a number of products to find the best one. 

I have noticed that seniors tend to enjoy “people-watching” in public areas. You can let them sit on a bench in the mall lobby area. Or find a cozy cafe with a nice view of people passing by. 

6. A visit to the museum

AARP members can enjoy a ton of benefits. Free or discounted visits to a museum are one such benefit. You can also choose to become a member of a museum. Seniors interested in history or antiques can meet other like-minded people. A visit to the museum can also help them exercise their memory. 

7. Seasonal events

Seasonal events include holidays, celebrations, festivals, art exhibitions, music concerts, and much more. Seniors can have a great time enjoying their time outdoors with family members. 

Another thing you can do is celebrate the festivals outdoors instead of in your home. In your backyard, set up a barbecue, and line up a table and some chairs. Invite your neighbors for lunch or dinner. 

The idea is to give senior people a chance to socialize with others. Also, it is important that neighbors know and understand the health situation of a person with Dementia.  

8. Make a vlog

You don’t have to make an entire YouTube channel based on a senior with Dementia, but a couple of vlogs detailing their life events will do the job. The idea is to get them outdoors on the front porch, backyard, or a nearby park. 

You can interview them, and let them speak their heart in front of the camera. Watching themselves speak on YouTube will give them much-needed confidence and self-esteem. You can always make more vlogs if they relish the whole movie-making experience. 


Before picking an outdoor activity it is crucial to know the likes and dislikes of the senior person. Do not compel them to engage in an activity they do not enjoy. Introduce them to an activity and then ask them if they like it. Patience is key as there’s no shortage of outdoor activities for seniors with Dementia.

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