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A traditional walker requires you to lean forward the whole time you are walking or standing. They may also let you adjust the height, but you still have to place your hands on the horizontal pipe located in front of the chest— which is not a comfortable position for walking. 

Research suggests that long-term use of traditional walkers is one of the biggest causes of pain in the wrist, elbow, or shoulder.

This is where an upright walker comes into the picture. An upright walker is a heavily modified version of a traditional walker. It comes with key features that make walking a pleasure and not a chore. This device helps you to walk erect, which is good for your mental health as well.

These walkers have elevated armrests that allow you to stand upright, which in turn helps you walk better. 

Upright walkers come with four wheels (two at the front, and two at the rear). You can use the brake to adjust the speed of the walker when going downhill. The brakes are located close to your hands— you can bring the walker to a halt in less than a second. 

Most people see one of these walkers on TV and wonder if they are available for sale. I am pleased to inform you that you can get them delivered to your home. That too, at an affordable price. And yes, they come with a seat with a cushion.

Enough said, let me introduce you to the best upright walkers with a seat, as seen on TV.

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  1. Best overallElenker upright Walker (22 Pounds)
  2. BestsellerElenker upright Walker (Lightweight version)
  3. Best valueOasisSpace original upright Walker with seat 
  4. Best ratedUPWalker lite original upright Walker
  5. Best affordableOasisSpace aluminum upright Walker with seat

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Here Are The Best Upright Walkers With A Seat

1. Elenker upright Walker (22 Pounds)

best overall

Elenker is a popular mobility brand from Chino, California. Their products are known to be reliable and trustworthy. Plus, they have excellent customer service representatives to guide you through any query that may arise. 

Compared to others on the market, this device from Elenker is one of the best upright walkers with a seat, as it offers all the important features at a reasonable price. 

The walker is ergonomically designed by experts. The components are slim and compact. And you get to choose from two standard colors: Blue and Red. 

Note that the center of the frame is colored, and the rest of the structure is black. Elenker keeps it very basic when it comes to product color. 

This walker is equipped with alloy wheels, which are used in modern-day motorcycles. Alloy wheels are more stable than other types of wheels. They make the walker suitable for a variety of terrain. 

The walker comes with armrests. You can stand with your elbows resting on the armrests. This is an essential feature for outdoorsy seniors who like to go out by themselves. 

This product also comes with an under-seat basket to keep your belongings— carry a water bottle, and some snack bars wherever you go. In addition, an umbrella holder is provided— located on the bottom left of the frame.  

The umbrella slot can also be used to store a walking stick. 

On the whole, this is a good walker for people who want a seat attached to the walker. The cushioned seat has a backrest to save you from future lower back problems. 

This product is suitable for: 

This walker is suitable for people looking for strong and sturdy wheels. The wheels are regular-sized, some people might prefer them over large wheels. You will also like this upright walker if you want a well-padded seat with a backrest. 


  • Height adjustable. Five levels of adjustment
  • Folds completely flat
  • Easy to travel with
  • FSA/HSA eligible
  • 30-day money-back guarantee. No questions asked


  • The brake handles are a bit tight. You need to lubricate them with oil
  • It might take a week or two to get used to this walker. 

2. Elenker upright Walker (Lightweight version- 18 Pounds)

best seller

This newer version of the Elenker upright walker is four pounds lighter than the original one. Four pounds may not be a big deal for a young person, but it can make a huge difference for seniors. 

This 18-pound walker is extremely compact. It takes way less space and can be folded with ease. To fold this walker, you need less than average strength. It becomes narrow when fully folded.

It comes with a bag that can be attached to the front of the frame. The bag is attached with velcro strips — you can keep a water bottle, some snacks, a book, home keys, and medicines. 

The bag rests on the base of the frame hence it won’t slip down when overloaded with heavy items. You can keep heavy items too. 

The front of the Elenker lightweight upright walker comes with reflectors, which keep you visible to oncoming vehicles and people walking by.

This product is suitable for: 

This is a good walker for people who struggle to lift heavy items. You can fold it with one hand, and slide it under a table when not in use. Further, it has a total of nine adjustment levels, so the height will not be a problem. 


  • Lightweight 
  • Nine adjustment levels 
  • Compact design


  • The directions for assembling could be clear

3. OasisSpace original upright Walker with seat 

best value

OasisSpace is a renowned name in the world of mobility and accessibility. Their original upright walker offers all key features for a price everyone can afford. This precision-engineered product is meant for seniors who struggle to walk without external support. 

This walker is designed to be used both indoors and outdoors. The total width is just 22.5-inch, and it can easily pass through narrow doors. You can even roll it inside a bathroom. 

You can fold this walker vertically— it collapses to become narrow when fully folded. Note that you can only shorten the width by folding, the height (39-inch) remains the same. The manufacturer has suggested lowering the arms when placing them inside the trunk of a car. 

The collapse screw helps you fold this walker within seconds. You don’t need much strength to turn the collapse screw. 

I also like the durable walker bag that the company provides. It’s the size of a regular duffle bag. It is waterproof so you can carry it outdoors in all weathers. The bag sits snugly in the front and does not interfere with the movement of your legs.

The front wheels are slightly larger than the rear wheels. Larger front wheels offer stability to the walker when in motion. You can rest your arms on the armrest, and not worry about the walker slipping away from you.

This product is suitable for: 

This upright walker is perfect for people looking for durability and reliability. It can bear more than 300 lbs of weight. Overweight individuals can rest easy when using it. And it lasts longer than others on the market. The color doesn’t fade away with time.


  • Great for long walks
  • The large front wheel makes it suitable for a variety of terrains
  • Higher weight-bearing capacity 
  • 7-level height adjustment 


  • Seniors will need help from a caregiver or a family member to assemble this walker. It’s not that straightforward

4. UPWalker lite original upright Walker

best rated

The original UPWalker was invented by Dave Purcell, in 2016. Since then, the San Diego-based firm has come up with some exciting walkers for people who struggle to walk on their own. 

The Lite Original UpWalker is the lightest walker on the market. You will be surprised to learn that this device weighs just 15.5 Pounds. It is undoubtedly one of the best upright walkers with a seat.

Furthermore, this walker is designed to help you gain your upright mobility back. No one likes to lean forward while walking. This product will slowly bring your confidence back, and you will be able to go on morning walks like you once used to. 

This product is for you if you are experiencing pain in several parts of your body, especially during and after walking. 

The UPWalker lite version is feature-rich. It is ISO certified for safety and stability. It is one of the few or maybe only walkers on the market that is ISO certified.  

The package included three free accessories: 1) a Carrying bag 2) a Cup holder and 3) Backrest.

Also, note that the UPWalker is recommended by physical therapists. It is one of the safest wheeled walkers on the market. Caregivers can rest easy, as this walker won’t tip over or slip even on difficult terrains. 

This product is suitable for: 

This is a premium upright walker for those who have previously tried traditional walkers, and experienced pain in their wrists. UPWalker eliminates wrist pain. It makes sure that your hands, wrists, and back remain in a comfortable and neutral position. 


  • ISO certified product 
  • Lightest walker on the market  
  • Easy to assemble 


  • A bit pricey 

5. OasisSpace aluminum upright Walker with seat

best affordable

OasisSpaces brings you one of the best upright walkers with a seat, at a price you can easily afford. This walker will rid you of back pain caused due to leaning forward all the time. You will be able to stand and walk with your spine erect.

This is one of the best upright walkers with a seat in the affordable category as it is available at a discount price.

Although this walker is not equipped with an umbrella holder, a duffle bag, or a backrest, it does have basic features such as a cushioned seat, triangle armrests, and brakes. 

You can fold this walker as seen on TV. 

And it has five levels of height adjustment. This walker is suitable for people with a height between 5’10” to 6’5”. You can use this walker if you are taller than 6’5”, but you will have to lean a bit.  

Bear in mind it weighs 22 Pounds when fully assembled. And the total width of this walker is 25-inch. Hence, make sure to measure the width of the doors in your home before you pick this product.

This walker does not come with a carry-on duffel bag, but it has a mesh bag spacious enough for your everyday things. You can keep a bottle of water, lunch box, newspaper, and a few more lightweight items. 

Lastly, both front and rear wheels are of the same size. But OasisSpace has provided an “obstacle assist pedal” to prevent the walker from tipping over. This pedal is located adjacent to the front wheel.

This product is suitable for: 

I recommend this walker for folks who are on a tight budget. Or maybe you need a walker for a few weeks or months. No point investing in a premium walker, in that case. You can continue to stay healthy as walking releases happy chemicals in the brain.


  • OasisSpace products are thoroughly tested
  • 24-hours chat support on the email. You can also call them during office hours 
  • Strong and sturdy 
  • Affordable 


  • The front and rear wheels are the same sizes. You might struggle when going down a steep road
  • The mesh bag stays attached to the frame. Not portable

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Do all upright walkers come with a padded seat?

The ones discussed in this article come with a padded seat. Although some might not be equipped with a backrest. Make sure to check the products features section before finalizing your purchase.  

Who needs a walker?

Seniors with limited mobility need an external support which a walker or a cane can provide. People who have recently undergone lower limb surgery also need walkers during recovery. You need not use this device forever, you can always wean it off when you feel strong enough to walk without support.

Are upright walkers washable?

Yes, you can wash this device occasionally. However, I would suggest you wipe-clean the walker with a cotton cloth dipped in warm soapy water. Do it once a month or so. It is not a good idea to splash loads of water on medical equipment such as this one. 

Do all upright walkers fit through the door?

It is advisable to measure the width of the doors in your home before you pick a walker. Make sure that the total width of the walker is smaller than that of the door. Furthermore, it is safe to assume that walkers can fit through an elevator door, garage door, and the entrance gate of your home. 

Will it fit in the backseat of my car?

Yes, the walkers discussed in this article are fully foldable. They are quite compact when collapsed. You can easily fit them in the backseat of your car. Although I suggest you put it in the trunk. 

How tall is the seat from the floor?

Most walkers have a seat that is approximately 24-inches from the floor. Although you can adjust the height of the seat if the walker permits you to do so. Walker seats allow you to relax and rest in between your walks. They are not as comfortable as a regular chair. 

Are upright walkers covered by Medicare?

Yes, Medicare does cover durable medical equipment (DME) which also includes upright walkers. They are covered under Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance). For more information on this subject, kindly go through this article on the Medicare official website

Do they come with hand brakes?

Yes, all upright walkers come with two-sided hand brakes. You can put the walker to a halt anytime you want. You can also lock the wheels when needed. 

What is the weight limit for the seat?

The weight limit is approximately 300 lbs. Individuals heavier than 300 lbs should refrain from sitting for long periods. Here’s an alternative. You can lock the wheels, rest your arms on the armrest, and lean on the frame. This will help you regain lost energy while walking. 

Final verdict

The original upright walker from Elenker is one of the best upright walkers with a seat (best overall). I recommend it to folks looking for a walker with a cushioned seat with a firm base. 

The seat can also be used to transport a plate of food from the kitchen to the dining room. You don’t have to walk with things in your hand. 

The seat also functions as a lid for the bag, shielding the items within it from the elements of weather and climate.

This is all I have to share. Do you have any questions? Kindly comment below.

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