5 Psychological Benefits of Good Posture

Most people are well aware of how old age brings about changes in the posture of an individual. Some men have also noticed a slight reduction in their height as they get older.

The negative effects on physiology are quite evident, but the effects on mental health are not. This is why one needs to know the upsides of having an erect posture. 

A poor posture can negatively affect one’s mood and emotions as well. It doesn’t happen all of a sudden, but most people begin to notice the effects gradually. Hence, it is important to maintain good posture as you age.

Walking with proper form and technique also boosts much-needed chemicals in the brain. In this article, I share the psychological benefits of good posture.  

Here are the top 5 psychological benefits of good posture

1. Good posture can make you more confident

Even if you have had a bad posture for years, with some minor corrections, you can begin to feel more confident again. A study by the University of Auckland suggests that posture correction can improve self-esteem, mood, and overall confidence in an individual. When you stand, sit and walk with a good posture, you begin to feel more energetic throughout the day. You talk more, laugh more, and become more social. 

2. You recall more positive memories 

It is interesting to know that the way you sit, stand, or walk has a direct correlation with your emotional state. Research done by Erik Peper, Ph.D., BCB, concludes that you recall more positive memories from the post when you sit in an erect posture. Likewise, you are more likely to recall negative events from the post when you sit in a slouched position.

3. It reduces chronic self-focus

It is normal for people to want to introspect and learn about their inner wants and feelings. We all do that once in a while. But such behavior can get troublesome when you are doing it all day long. Every time you step out of your home, you begin to doubt your hairstyle, the way you walk, and the type of clothes you are wearing. A study by the University of Auckland, concludes that having better posture can reduce self-focus. 

4. It keeps you active

Most of us spend most of our day in a seated position. If you are an office worker like me, I am sure you will relate to what I said. Sitting the whole day can make you dull and wearisome. You feel the lingering tiredness when you reach home from work. You can improve your situation by changing your posture while you sit. Sitting in a restricted posture triggers the brain to release certain chemicals that keep you feeling active throughout the day. 

5. Reduction in anxiety levels

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Anxiety can be a result of several factors such as work stress, lack of self-esteem, financial problems, career problems, relationship issues, etc. Recent research by the Ulm University, Ulm, Germany concludes that performing certain power poses can help reduce anxiety in college students. I can’t see a reason why these poses cannot help seniors dealing with anxiety. 


You can attain a good posture by strengthening certain muscles that are involved in keeping the spring erect. The ankles, hips, neck, and jaw must be properly aligned when you sit, stand, or walk.

No matter your age, you can begin enjoying the psychological benefits of good posture today by performing stretching exercises such as Yoga or Tai chi. 

Finally, if you are suffering from an injury or are unable to walk for some reason, feel free to use durable medical equipment (DME) such as a walker.

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