5 Best Wheelchair Side Bags with Cup Pocket

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Anyone who has ever had to use a wheelchair will understand how quickly your hydration supply can run dry. Surely, you can carry a bottle of water in your backpack (or maybe two) but you would rather utilize that space to store other items such as a laptop, clothes, documents, etc.

This is where the need for a cup pocket arises. A cup pocket can be used to store bottle of water or a cup of coffee. Here’s the twist. Insead of installing a separate cup holder, you can go for a side bag with a built-in cup holder. This is what this article is about.

Such side bags allow you to carry essential items with you wherever you go.

Installation if these side bags is easy and effort free. Not need for tools or additional hardware. Most of these bags come with velcro straps that go around the wheelchair armrest.

You can pick the armrest (left or right hand side) of your choice. But most people prefer to have them on their weaker side so their stronger hand is free for other tasks as they occasionally sip water with their weaker hand. The choice is yours.

Below, I present you the best wheelchair side bags with cup pocket.

Note: I have selected small-sized side bags that do not get in the way of the wheels on a wheelchair. I do not recommend bulkier side bags for a self-propelled wheelchair. 

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  1. Best OverallISSYZONE Wheelchair Side Bag
  2. Best SellerYGYQZ Wheelchair Armrest Storage Side Bag
  3. Best ValueISSYZONE Wheelchair Side Bag with 2 Pack Drink Cup Holder
  4. Best New ReleaseFinpac Wheelchair Side Storage Bag with Reflective Strips
  5. Best Affordable –  HSGEZUOI Wheelchair Side Bag

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are the best wheelchair side bags with cup pocket

1. ISSYZONE Wheelchair Side Bag

best overall

The product from ISSYZONE is relatively small and compact but it holds everything you need. It is equipped with a total of five pockets. One pocket is dedicated to a water bottle (less than 24oz) or a Starbucks paper cup. You can also place a soda can in the same pocket. 

ISSYZONE offers you two pockets for mobile phones. You can have your personal smartphone in one pocket, and a second smartphone (meant for work) in another pocket. You can also place a mini music player in the pocket meant for a second phone.

In addition, you can place two pens in narrow pockets. 

The primary goal of this bag is to prevent wheelchair occupants from keeping all their everyday items on their laps.

It can be really annoying for a wheelchair user to move around with stuff placed on their lap. The side bag might seem small but it can hold a lot of essential items. 

Moreover, caregivers do not need any special tools to attach this bag to the wheelchair of their loved ones (or clients). The ISSYZONE wheelchair side bag is equipped with a hook and loop strap. Caregivers or even wheelchair users can easily attach this bag to the armrest (preferred side) of the wheelchair. 

ISSYZONE Wheelchair Side Bag is Suitable For: 

This compact bag is perfectly suited for wheelchair occupants who wish to carry items to daily use with them. 

In addition to a bottle of water or a coffee cup, they can carry smaller items such as a toothbrush, pen, torchlight, medicine, books, glasses, lipstick, and much more. This side bag is suited for both male and female wheelchair users.


  • Versatile pockets
  • Easy to attach
  • Compact, does not stick out
  • Fits all standard-sized wheelchairs


  • Not meant for wider water bottles. The pocket is good enough for a narrow cylindrical bottle of water. 

2. YGYQZ Wheelchair Armrest Storage Side Bag

best seller

This is a US-made bag contains ample space for a bottle of water or a can of soda. A drink bottle with a diameter of about 2.55 inches and below will fit perfectly. 

In addition to a zipper pocket, it has three other pockets: one for a smartphone, one for a bottle of water, and the third one is versatile. You can keep a second smartphone, a mini music player, or a camera in the third versatile pocket. 

I found the zipper pocket extremely useful as it can keep documents such as a driving license, social security card, or a book in it. The zippered pocket is splash-proof, hence you don’t have to worry about spilling water or any other fluid on it. It will keep the documents safe inside.

Now let’s talk about the material.

Is it made from high-quality, long-lasting material? The answer is yes. 80 percent of this side bag is made from pure cotton. The rest 20 percent consists of pongee fabric, non-woven fabric, and reflective strip material. 

This product is lightweight — weighs just 0.07kgs. The side bag is 12.79 inches in length, hence suitable for all wheelchair seat sizes. It won’t stick out of the wheelchair seat after installation. 

YGYQZ Wheelchair Armrest Storage Side Bag is Suitable For: 

This bag comes with adjustable length buckles which are quite easy to attach to the armrest. It is perfectly suited for those looking for a flexible pocket for a drink bottle. The drink bottle pocket is made from mesh material which is quite springy. It can hold wider bottles as well. 

Secondly, this bag is made from high-quality and durable fabric. The zipper functions quite smoothly. And the manufacturer has made sure to add a reflective band on the bag to increase visibility at night. 


  • Long-lasting and durable product 
  • Equipped with a reflective band for nighttime visibility and enhanced safety 
  • Suitable for bottles with a wider diameter
  • Comes with ultra-reliable buckle straps 


  • The smartphone pockets need to be deeper 

3. ISSYZONE Wheelchair Side Bag with 2 Pack Drink Cup Holder

best value

ISSYZONE brings you one of the best wheelchair side bags with a cup pocket (and two additional cup holders that can be installed on the wheelchair body). The cup holders are made from an environment-friendly TPU or Thermoplastic Polyurethane material.

This is primarily a side bag but you can hang it behind the wheelchair as well. It works both ways. 

This bag comes with a total of six compartments, which also includes a mesh pocket for a drink bottle. It contains two mesh compartments, three regular-sized pockets, and a large zippered compartment. 

Wheelchair users can keep their waller, magazine, make-up items, phone, medicines, tissue, snacks, and a lot more in this side bag. It is small and compact, hence does not interfere with the wheel. You can attach it to the right armrest— facing inside.

Note that the two straps of the side bag are 18-inch apart. 

As I mentioned earlier, ISSYZONE also provides two cup holders along with the bag. You can install these cup holders on a wheelchair, walker, or even on a transport chair. It is quite versatile. 

More on cup holders— the cup holder bracket can be rotated 360 degrees. Caregivers can help the wheelchair user install the cup holder— it can be attached to the handlebar, under the seat, or somewhere close to the hands of the wheelchair occupant. 

The cup holder is 5.7-inch long and 2.75-inch wide. The diameter of the cup holder is flexible and hence it can hold a bottle of diameter 3.15-inch. 

ISSYZONE Wheelchair Side Bag with 2 Pack Drink Cup Holder is Suitable For: 

The wheelchair side bag + cup holder combo is a perfect gift for an elderly wheelchair user. You can express your love and affection towards your aunt, mother, father, or sibling by gifting them this combo. Most wheelchair users feel the need for a side bag capable of carrying a coffee cup— the side bag + cup holder combo satisfies the need.


  • More drink holding capacity
  • The cup holders are easy to install
  • Designed for a self-propelled wheelchair 


  • Caregivers are required to check the dimensions of this product. It may not fit a wheelchair with full-length or extra-long armrests

4. Finpac Wheelchair Side Storage Bag with Reflective Strips

best new release

Are you looking for one of those suspendable wheelchair side bags with cup pocket? 

This side bag from Finpac comes with two hook-and-loop straps suitable for all standard wheelchairs. Instead of sitting on top of the seat, the side bag suspends on the armrest.

If the bag happens to touch the wheel, you can always adjust the strap to make it short. The two buckles enable you to adjust the straps simply by pulling. 

Furthermore, this product is perfect for nighttime use. Wheelchair users who prefer to go out at night will find this bag especially helpful. The reflective strips glow at night. Oncoming vehicles will be alerted of the wheelchair from a distance. The reflective strips provide a feeling of safety to the wheelchair occupant.

Product dimensions are an important factor when buying a side bag for a wheelchair. You want to make sure that the bag fits snugly on the armrest of the wheelchair. This wheelchair bag from Finpac is 13-inch in length and 7.5-inch in height. It will fit almost all standard-sized wheelchairs. 

As I mentioned previously, the two adjustable hook-and-loop straps make installation effortless. All you have to do is hook and loop the strap over either of the armrests. Removal is simple as well. Most wheelchair users will be able to attach/remove this bag on their own. 

This side bag is deftly designed by experts. Finpac has used 1000D high-density polyester fabric, which is 100 percent waterproof. It is durable and will last for years to come. You do not have to worry about wear and tear caused due to moisture, hot weather, or any other environmental factor. This material will withstand all elements of weather

Finpac Wheelchair Side Storage Bag is Suitable For: 

This product is suited for folks needing a conveniently compact wheelchair side bag. This bag comes with a total of four compartments. Three at the front and the zippered one in the middle. The mesh drink holder is good enough for a small bottle of water, a soda can, or even a coffee paper cup. This bag uses a minimum of seat space to deliver maximum benefits. 


  • Long-lasting product
  • Won’t weigh you down
  • Small and light
  • Compact styling


  • The mesh bottle pocket should be stiffer. It can be difficult for some folks to put the bottle back in it with one hand, especially the ones with Dementia

5. HSGEZUOI Wheelchair Side Bag

best affordable

HSGEZUOI brings you a minimalist-style bag that is just 12.5-inch in length. This product is succinct and does not take up a lot of seat space. Although it does have ample space for your essentials including a bottle of water. 

The front side of the HSGEZUOI bag has three compartments: one mesh pocket is for a drink bottle, the middle one is for medicines, and the corner most pocket is designed for your smartphone— assuming you’ll be attaching this bag onto the right armrest.

The mesh pocket can hold a drink bottle up to 2.35-inches in diameter. The mesh material is flexible, which makes it possible for it to hold bottles of varying diameters. 

HSGEZUOI has provided a zippered compartment located at the top of the bag. This compartment is large enough to hold a second smartphone, earphones, keys, tissue paper, and much more. This is where you can keep your home/car keys. 

Lastly, the rear side of this bag is a full-length mesh pocket perfectly suited for frequently needed items such as a smartphone, smartwatch, eyeglasses, toothpick, or an asthma inhaler. You can also keep some lightweight documents in this mesh pocket. 

You can use the rear mesh pocket to store a second drink bottle. However, it might take up some seating space— and you might have to move a little to the left to accommodate the second bottle. 

You can rely on the zipper. The zipper is smooth and of good quality. Although it would be nice to have some sort of a locking mechanism to secure the contents inside the zippered pocket. It is not recommended to leave the side bag unattended— this is if you have important documents or cash in the bag. 

Lastly, this is one of the best wheelchair side bags with cup pocket at a price you can afford. Despite the marked-down price, this side bag looks good. You can expect designer quality at a mass-market price. 

HSGEZUOI Wheelchair Side Bag is Suitable For: 

This wheelchair side bag can be utilized in several ways— you can also use it with a walker, a stroller, or a side rail of a hospital bed. Due to its compact styling, it is a versatile side bag for those who suffer from limited mobility. 


  • Fits anywhere
  • Bargain-priced
  • Not fancier, just better
  • Available in two colors: Coffee and Gray


  • The buckles are too tight. Wheelchair users with upper body disabilities might not be able to hook and unhook the straps on their own

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use this side bag with a transport chair?

Yes, you can use the side bags discussed in this post with a transport chair. A transport chair has smaller wheels. Hence, the size of the bag doesn’t really matter in this case. A side bag will never hinder the movement of the wheels. 

Can I use this side bag with a walker?

Yes, you can use the side bags discussed in this post with a walker. You can attach the bag to the front rail of a walker. Note that when you use a side bag with a walker, you do not get a safety net— in case the contents of the bag fall off. Hence, make sure to put delicate items in the zippered compartment. 

What is the right size of side bag for a self-propelled wheelchair?

I recommend small and compact side bags for self-propelled wheelchairs. You must measure the length of your wheelchair’s seats. The length of the side bag must be equal to or less than that of your wheelchair seat. It should fit inside the wheelchair cockpit without sticking out.

Why can’t I use a large, bulkier side bag with a self-propelled wheelchair?

A bulkier side bag will most certainly interfere with the movement of the wheelchair. Hence, you must go for a minimalist-style side bag that either sits within the cockpit or hangs above the wheel.

Are wheelchair side bags expensive?

Wheelchair side bags are not expensive. They offer maximum value at minimum cost. Also, you don’t have to buy these bags very often as they can last for years. 

How to carry coffee cups in a wheelchair?

The side bags discussed in this post are equipped with a mesh drink cup pocket. You can place your coffee paper cup in the mesh pocket. It holds all cup sizes as most Starbucks (or other popular cafes) cups are narrow on the bottom and wide on the top. Hence, it is easy to insert cups into the flexible mesh pocket. 

Where to store a drink bottle in a wheelchair?

A drink bottle can be stored in the mesh pocket provided by the bag maker. You can also use other compartments to store the second bottle of refreshment. ISSYZONE provides two additional cup holders along with the side bag. You can install the TPU or Thermoplastic Polyurethane cup holder on the wheelchair itself. 

How to install the TPU or Thermoplastic Polyurethane cup holder on a wheelchair? 

The external cup holder consists of two parts: a bracket and the cup holder vessel. First, you need to clamp the bracket on a pipe or a rail on the wheelchair. Next, insert the cup holder into the bracket. 


You were reading the review of the best wheelchair side bags with cup pocket. I did extensive research and found that Finpac has designed a quality bag that doesn’t just hold a wheelchair cup, it can carry your phone, keys, wallet, books, and even snacks. I like the ease with which I was able to install this side bag onto a wheelchair.

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