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Think of the special bond you’ll create when you give your elderly parent a memorable gift this Christmas. Research says that making a person feel special can help improve their overall sense of wellbeing. What better way to foster positive feelings in some living with Dementia than giving them a memorable gift. I am brimming with gift ideas. Let me help you find Christmas gifts for people living with Dementia.

Here are the best Christmas gifts for people living with Dementia

1. Glade Apple Cinnamon Candle Jar

under $5

A scented candle is one of those presents that will be readily used and appreciated by older adults. Not every son, daughter, or sibling needs to spend loads of money on Christmas presents. Or sometimes it’s good to go for something affordable, yet meaningful. Everyone loves the Glade Apple Cinnamon candle jar. It is truly a useful and distinctive gift.  

2. Hallmark Christmas Card for Mom and Dad

under $10

By gifting your loved ones a greeting card this holiday season, you can convey a wide range of sentiments. This card from Hallmark comes with Christmas trees, snowflakes, and attractive foil lettering. This card makes an eye-popping presentation right from the get-go. I like the red background, it will remind your parents of all the good times with family and friends.

3. Rechargeable Moon Lamp

under $20

Balkwan has come up with a relaxing moonlight for your holiday gift-giving needs. Your loved one can light it up in the evening while reading a book, gazing out of the window, or chatting up with a family member. It lights up the mood almost instantly. Moreover, this light is also good for photography. Your loved ones can take some nice-looking pictures (using it as a dim background light). It comes with a stand. And has a tiny on/off switch on the bottom of the device. 

4. Merry Christmas Chocolate Gift Basket

under $50

This is a perfect Christmas present for a Chocolate buff. I bet you it won’t just sit on the shelf. Your loved one can share these gourmet Chocolates with friends, children in the house, or other residents of the nursing home. These are not your everyday Chocolates, they come straight from San Francisco’s most famous Chocolatier.

5. Relish Fidget Widget Wooden Sensory Tool Kit

under $100

Fidget widgets can help a Dementia patient relax and unwind. This package from Relish comes with five fidget widgets each designed to provide ultimate satisfaction to your loved one. They can learn to calm themselves down and become more chill through activity. They can play with these widgets at any time of the day. This is a gift that will always be remembered. 

6. Portable Radio and Music Player

under $150

This portable radio from Relish may cost more, but it’s worth more. This easy-to-use device is designed for seniors who love and appreciate music. Listening to music will bring joy back to the lives of people who are suffering from neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease or Huntington’s disease. Your loved one can listen to the music of their choice. I promise once they unpack this radio it won’t go back in the box.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What gifts are safe for a Dementia patient?

There’s no easy answer to this question. What’s safe for one Dementia patient might not be safe for another. I suggest you find out if they have a history of harming themselves with things you usually find in a home. A greeting card is the safest option. 

Will my parent with Dementia accept and appreciate my Christmas present?

No matter what stage of Dementia your parents are in, there’s a good chance that they will accept your Christmas present. In fact, a meaningful gift can fill them with joy. It will let them know that you are there for them no matter what. And they can count on you when the going gets tough.

Will I look cheap if I buy a $10 Christmas greeting card for an elderly living with Dementia?

No, you won’t look cheap if you buy an inexpensive Christmas gift. You can go for something traditional such as a greeting card. Everyone loves greeting cards. Or you can go for a practical gift such as a coloring book, a candle, or a radio. Give something that will be used and appreciated.

Is it necessary to buy expensive gifts for an elderly living with Dementia?

Most gift recipients don’t care about the price. They are more interested in the underlying meaning behind the gift. Does the gift convey sentiments? Does it show that you love them? Even researchers agree that money can’t buy love.

Should I give my present the night before Christmas?

It is customary to exchange gifts on Christmas day itself. If you are going to be sending the present via courier or mail, try scheduling the delivery so it reaches the recipient on Christmas day. The gift recipient won’t mind if they get the gift early, but not after Christmas day.

Final thoughts

It is highly unlikely that a person living with Dementia will look into the catalog/brochure/site to learn about the gift you just gave them for Christmas. Make sure to keep it simple and uncomplicated. They should be able to use it with incredible ease. It should be a piece of cake and not a puzzle. Finally, make sure that the gift is elegantly wrapped. Do not simply toss the item in a bag along with tissue paper.

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