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Urinary incontinence can occur in both adult men and women. This condition is more likely to bother men and women over 50. The medically proven method to stop urine leakage is different for both genders. While female urinary incontinence can be controlled by inserting a cone-shaped device into the vagina, men can prevent urine leakage with a penis clamp. In this post, I review a device that goes by the name Lunderg Confidence Clamp. This device is specifically designed for adult men.

Before we dive into a comprehensive review, here’s how I’d score the product on a few key factors:

Overall Rating88/100
Ease of Use85/100
Ease of Assembly90/100
Average Life Span90/100

What is a penile clamp?

A penile clamp is a medical device used by men with urinary incontinence issues. This compression device can put an end to uncontrolled, involuntary, and unexpected urine leakage in adult men. This device is fitted with a pair of elastic jaws cushioned by medical-grade silicone from the inside. The person with the urinary incontinence issue can wear it by themselves. Pressure can be released or tightened with one hand. It prevents leakage from the bladder without restricting the blood flow.

Who is this for?

This device is meant for adult men with urinary incontinence. As I mentioned previously, it is common for adult men over 50 to suffer from this condition. According to an Australian study, there are three kinds of urinary incontinence:

  • Stress urinary incontinence
  • Mixed urinary incontinence
  • Urge urinary incontinence

This product by Lunderg is suitable for all three types of urinary incontinence. 

Moreover, this confidence clamp by Lunderg is suited for folks who are looking for an affordable device that lasts longer (without compromising on comfort). This penile clamp is made of medical-grade silicone and durable ABS.

This is also a perfect product for people who are tired of the low-quality, inattentive customer service offered by some of the other penis clamp manufacturers. Customer service representatives at Lunderg are helpful and friendly.

What does the package include?


The Lunderg Confidence Clamp arrives home in an attractive package. The package includes the following items:

  • Penile clamp 
  • Silicone pads (three sizes)
  • Instruction manual
  • Pouch 

How does it work?

pad sizes

The Confidence Clamp from Lunderg comes with a clamp with a total of four pads. 

  • T (base pad)
  • S (small)
  • M (medium )
  • L (large)
all four pads

The pad labeled T is the base pad. On one side of the clamp, you must attach the T pad, and on the other side any of the S, M, or L pads. You can choose any of the pad sizes based on your penis size. I recommended trying out all three pad sizes to find out the best one.


As you can see in the image above, the clamp has a mechanism that allows you to attach and detach the pad with ease. 

four pressure levels

There are four pressure levels. Select the pressure level based on what feels comfortable. Some people prefer to have tighter pressure when performing outdoor activities such as running, walking the dog, or going to a grocery store.

Lighter pressure works well when performing indoor activities such as relaxing, watching TV, or reading a book. It is totally up to you which pressure level to choose as default.

Before urination, just release the pressure one or two notches. You can lock the clamp back to the default pressure level with one hand. The more you use this device the easier it gets to lock and unlock the clip. It could take a week or two before you do it intuitively (without conscious effort).

What I like about Lunderg Confidence Clamp

There is a lot to like about this device. This is a low-maintenance penis clamp. You can wash it with some soap and water. Dry it with a clean towel or a paper tissue. I suggest you remove the pads from the clamp before washing.

Unlike other penis clamps on the market, this one does not have any metal parts. Metal parts are likely to rust. Metal can hurt the sensitive skin around the penis area as well. Not having any metal parts also means no beeping at the security detector — huge sigh of relief!

I like the packaging as well. As you can see in the product pictures I shared in this post, the penile clamp comes with a compact pouch. You can put the device in the pouch when not in use. Be sure to clean it before storing it.

Finally, Lunderg has provided a detailed manual for those who wish to learn the tiny details about this device. I recommend you read the manual thoroughly. It has information that will help you keep this device in top condition for years to come.

What I’d change

I know I previously said you can lock/unlock this device with one hand. But that may not be possible for all. Some users may need some time before they learn to lock/unlock it with one hand.

Secondly, it can be very uncomfortable to wear this device with tight pants. It is suitable for regular or loose-fitting trousers. Also, be sure your underwear is not too tight.

Further, wearing this device can put some limitations on body movement, especially if you are planning to perform yoga or pilates exercises.

Wrapping up the review

Is this penile clamp reliable? 

This device from Lunderg is recommended by the American Physical Therapy Association and the American Urological Association. It is designed by Dr. M Hejazi, MD, a renowned urologist. It’s trustworthy.

If you are unsure about this device, I recommend consulting a urologist or a physical therapist. A penis clamp is a non-medical intervention for the urinary incontinence problem. There are no side effects.

Finally, Lunderg offers a money-back guarantee. No questions asked! I hope this Lunderg Trust Clamp review was helpful.

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