10 Fun Questions to Ask Dementia Patients

Having a conversation (on phone or in person) with a person with Dementia can be a challenge, especially if you have never dealt with someone with this condition. It is common for people to visit their grandparent in a nursing home and not ask a single question. 

I understand that you might be careful not to offend them, as the person you once knew has changed a lot.

People in the middle or later stages of Dementia can be a little unpredictable. They may lash out at a visitor or become too skeptical. 

But as a family member, you shouldn’t take the things they say personally.

In my humble opinion, it is always good to start a conversation on a lighter note. Always ask them how they are doing, or if the food is good. You can also talk about the weather. 

Once they begin to open up, you can turn the conversation into fun. They are more likely to remember the conversation (and want to have it again in the future) if there’s laughter involved. Trust me! This post is about fun questions to ask Dementia patients.

Here are the 10 fun questions to ask Dementia patients

1.  When was the last time you had a fight with your nosy neighbor? What led to the argument? (Tip: Try to ask this question in a light hearted and fun tone)

2. So, what kind of sports do you like? Do you like baseball? Which is your favorite team?

3. Do you like cooking? I bet you don’t remember the exact recipe for your favorite dish. Would you like to make it for me? (Tip: You can wink when asking this question as you are not making fun of thier memory loss)

4. Have you ever poured water on a nurse? (Context: it is common for nursing home residents to spill/pour food items on care workers)

5. Are you skilled at using a wheelchair? Did you have any training? Is it fun to ride a wheelchair downhill? (Context: works on a wheelchair user)

6. I want to buy a new pair of shoes for you so you can go meet your best friend/spouse/ date. What size do you wear? (This gives you a chance to entice them into performing outdoor activities)

7. Have you ever sneaked out of the nursing home/home without informing the care worker/caregiver/family member? Can you tell me what you did out there when you were all by yourself?

8. Do you like to travel? What is your favorite country to travel to? (You can talk about food, culture, people, weather, political situation, and much more)

9. Do you have any old photo albums at home? Do you want me to take care of them while you are in the nursing home? Maybe I can bring them here so you can tell me more about your childhood? (Context: you can ask this question if your grandparent with Dementia is staying in a nursing home or hospital)

10. Do you miss our dog, Toby? Toby misses you too. He gets anxious (or excited) every time mom calls you. I am thinking about bringing him here so you two can meet. It’s been more than a month since you saw him. What do you think? 


I get that Dementia is a serious health condition, and there’s nothing amusing about seeing someone lose their memory. But in my opinion, people with Dementia can be funny, charismatic, and witty (just like other people). I feel caregivers or family members can bring out the best side of their personalities by asking fun questions. 

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  1. My 81 year old mother lives with me. She was in a nursing home and was kept over-medicated and in bed for most of 4 years. She demanded that she be “placed” so as not to be a burden. The mental burden of watching her lose herself was huge. I brought her back home helpless as an infant and near death.
    Now she talks again and can be fun. I am looking for questions and topics to engage with her. Can you advise?

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