6 Best Shoes for Elderly Women With Dementia

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As women get older, they must take extra care of their feet. Studies suggest that Dementia can cause mobility issues in the later stages of the condition. The best way to begin caring for your feet is by replacing your regular shoes with the ones made for seniors. 

Most senior women prefer to wear sandals or flip-flops when walking around the home, in the backyard, or outdoors. I suggest switching to shoes or sneakers with good arch support. 

Sandals or flip-flops can cause neuropathy, which results from exposing your feet to infections and injuries.

Note that men and women have different shoe size scales, hence one must go for shoes made especially for women— also avoid poorly fitting shoes. In this article, I share with you the best shoes for elderly women with Dementia.

How do I choose comfortable shoes for elderly women with Dementia? What to look for?

They should be easy to put on and take off

The last you want a senior person with Dementia to do is tie their shoelaces. A person with Dementia will most certainly struggle to tie shoelaces, and there’s a chance of tripping over or falling. Go for hands-free shoes or ones with an adjustable strap that can be fastened/unfastened with one hand.

Find the ones with the ergonomic sole

The sole is the most important part of the shoe. Footwear companies spend most of the manufacturing funds on the sole section. An ideal sole is ergonomically designed and has arch support, and heel pads. It should not be too hard or too soft— it should be nice and firm. 

The outer material should be breathable

A shoe that does not breathe begins to stink within a couple of hours of wearing it. In addition to that, wearing such a shoe can also lead to skin infections and blemishes. You should always go with a shoe made with breathable surface material. Most footwear companies use mesh material as it breathes quite well. 

They should be made for women 

Shoes made for men are not suitable for women. They are too big, and bulky. You should always go for footwear that is made especially for women. Also, avoid buying shoes that do not mention if they are for women. Some shoes are unisex, avoid them at all costs. 

The sole should be slip-resistant

Always check the sole before buying footwear for the elderly. The sole for slip-resistant footwear is made from a special type of rubber. These shoes also have tread patterns that prevent the wearer from slipping on a wet floor. In my opinion, this is the most important factor when buying footwear for someone struggling with motor skills. 

My Recommendations:

1. Skechers women’s Go Joy walking shoe sneaker

Skechers USA, Inc. is a California-based footwear manufacturer. All their shoes are made on US soil. The Go Joy shoe is made especially for senior women with an active lifestyle— someone who walks 5-8 miles a day will love how comfy these pair of shoes are. You will also like that there’s no break-in period for these shoes. I suggest you wear them for socks. You can make them last for years if you maintain them properly. 


  • Very comfy 
  • Does not cause blisters 
  • Made for seniors who suffer from chronic foot pain
  • Equipped with 5th-generation cushioning


  • These shoes are 100 percent synthetic. They are not eco friendly

2. New Balance women’s fuelcore Nergize V1 sneaker

New Balance is a Boston-based footwear company. They are popular among the marathon runners community, worldwide. Their shoes are comfortable, ergonomic, and fashionable. The fuelcore Nergize V1 sneakers are made for everyday use. You can use them for walking around in the home or outdoors, but they are not made for running or working out. Other than that, they look really cute, and they make your feet feel warm. 

Note: The manufacturer recommends you go for half size up from your true size, as these are performance-fit shoes. 


  • The exterior feels soft and cushy
  • They are lightweight. Perfect for travel
  • They go with casual dresses and skirts


  • Not meant for long-distance walking
  • Do not use them in the woods

3. Mei Macleod women’s wide-width shoes

Mei Macleod is a popular online footwear brand. Their shoes are imported from China, hence they are affordable. Their wide-width shoes are equipped with adjustable straps. You can tie and untie the shoe with one hand. Furthermore, these shoes are made with breathable mesh, hence you can wear them indoors as well. They won’t stink. Plus, the sole is grippy. Dementia patients can use them outdoors without fearing a slip or a fall. 


  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Fall or slip-resistant sole
  • Even the insole is made with breathable material


  • They look very basic
  • I recommend them for women who wish to use them indoors or when going out for groceries, shopping, etc. Do not use them as workout shoes

4. Orthofeet women’s stretchable shoes

If you have ever used an orthopedic insert for foot pain you will know how difficult it is to make it work with the shoe. You can get the most expensive orthopedic sole, but it will still itch and hurt. These stretchable shoes from Orthofeet come with an inbuilt orthopedic sole — designed with innovative pain relief technology. The sole has heel cushioning, and arch support. This is what I like about this shoe. I recommend it to Dementia patients with foot pain, plantar fasciitis, or heel pain. 


  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Eliminates the need for separate orthotics for feet
  • Made with durable polyurethane material. Can last for years


  • No color choices

5. Dr. Scholl’s shoes women’s Madison sneaker

A lot of people don’t know that Dr. Scholls is a real person. William Scholl was a pioneer of foot care, and he had advanced degrees in medical science. Coming to the Madison sneaker for women, this shoe comes with excellent arch support. They are great for walking around all day long. And like other orthopedic shoes, these don’t have a bland look. Dr. Scholl’s shoes look fashionable and smart. You can choose from several different colors.


  • They look cute and go well with both casual and formal clothes
  • They make it possible for a woman with foot pain to walk with ease
  • Slip-on design
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use


  • They get dirty very fast
  • Not easy to clean 
  • Only meant for walking, do not run in them

6. UIN women’s floral art sneaker

I have saved the best for the last. The UIN floral art sneakers make a perfect gift for a senior lady with Dementia. You can give them to your mother, wife, sister, or a female friend battling Alzheimer’s. They are so adorable. They will make their day. And most importantly, these shoes are long-lasting. The comfort level is excellent. You can walk around all day without feeling the pain in your feet. Lastly, you can choose from several floral patterns. 


  • Aesthetically pleasing 
  • Makes a perfect gift for someone with Dementia 
  • They stand out from the rest of the shoes. Easy to remember
  • Super cute looking 


  • Only meant for walking purposes. Do not use it when working out or jogging

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Is it safe for a Dementia patient to walk outdoors?

A person with Dementia can live independently. Unless they are in the later stages of the condition, they can walk outdoors by themselves. 

Do people with Dementia struggle to walk?

They can walk perfectly fine after the initial diagnosis. It is only in the later stages of the condition that they struggle with movement and balance. The change happens gradually. 

What kind of footwear is best suited for someone living with Dementia?

The best shoes are the ones that fit well and do not hurt when walking. There are several types of footwear available out there. You can pick the one that suits your individual needs. 

Do they make special shoes for seniors?

Yes, footwear manufacturers do make specialized footwear for seniors. These shoes are hands-free and have an added level of comfort. Although, not all manufacturers will have a “for seniors only” label on the product package. 

How much money should I spend?

I suggest you spend anywhere from $30-$60. People with Dementia are more likely to lose their shoes as they struggle with memory. I think you will find good quality sneakers for less than $60.

Final verdict 

Of the products discussed above, I would pick stretchable shoes from Orthofeet over others. They come with excellent-quality orthotics. Plus, you can remove the insole and replace them with custom inserts. These shoes are perfect for someone struggling with stability. They will take a lot of effort you are currently putting into walking. And you can wear them indoors as well.

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