7 Best Hands-Free Umbrellas for a Wheelchair

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A typical wheelchair user goes through a lot of hurdles throughout the day. Bad weather conditions can prevent a wheelchair user from enjoying outdoor activities. 

Getting soaked in rain can lead to cold, cough, or fever. This might sound familiar to people with limited mobility who commute to work in a wheelchair. 

Studies suggest that UV rays from the sun can pierce the epidermis leading to the development of cutaneous melanoma (the most serious type of skin cancer). A hat or a cap can only provide so much protection against the sun. 

The good news is you can now attach an umbrella to the wheelchair that shields you from drizzle and the sun. You can choose from a variety of umbrellas. Below, I have reviewed the best hands-free umbrellas for a wheelchair.

Here Are The Best Hands-free Umbrellas For A Wheelchair

1. Syhood 3 Pieces Rainbow Umbrella Hats

If you are looking for a totally hands-free umbrella that you can use for a few hours while you are outdoors, the Syhood rainbow umbrella hat will get the job done. Note that a head umbrella can be uncomfortable when used for an extended period (like 4-5 hours on a stretch).

This product protects your head from both scorching sun and rain. 

The package includes three units. You can pick from two color patterns. Style A is a rainbow pattern, And Style B is a typical camouflage pattern.

The good thing about the elastic headband design is it fits most regular head sizes. This one fits people whose head circumference is not more than 58cm/20.8661-inch. 


  • Nice color patterns 
  • Made with good quality raw materials
  • Perfect for a day out with family


  • Only suitable for people with regular size heads. Not for folks with extra-large heads

2. NEW-Vi Umbrella Hat

This umbrella hat is a novelty item from New-Vi. This premium product comes with an umbrella cover, a head strap, and a neck strap. In addition, it has a strap on top that can be used to suspend the umbrella on a coat hanger. 

This umbrella hat is compact and lightweight. You can place it in the wheelchair bag, or a backpack. And it only takes a couple of seconds to open it fully. 

It offers protection against the drizzle rain or sun. 

Note that straps are elastic, so you don’t have to worry about head/neck size. The neck strap is extra-long and can be adjusted according to your neck size, or your convenience. 


  • Premium product 
  • Comes with a head and neck strap 
  • Versatile 


  • The head strap might mess up your hair 
  • The neck strap can be uncomfortable for some people

3. Primo Supply Wearable Hands-Free Umbrella

This back brace umbrella is one of the best hands-free umbrellas for wheelchair users who wish to protect themselves from harmful UV rays. Note that this is a full-length or standard-size umbrella that can be used with a wheelchair. 

This device from Primo Supply comes with a back brace and an umbrella with a mounting nut. It can be a bit heavy for some folks (450 grams), but it serves a specific purpose.

This umbrella is only suitable for folks who are bothered by the scorching sun. Or live in a place with frequent rains and drizzles. It requires you to wear the back brace before leaving your home (ideally with the umbrella attached). 


  • Complete protection from the UV rays
  • A full-length umbrella for a wheelchair is hard to find. This one fulfills a specific purpose


  • The back brace pipe sticks out. You need a wheelchair backrest with a good cushion

4. Sport-Brella Versa-Brella 4-Way Swiveling Sun Umbrella

Versa Brella is a premium product for wheelchair users who want the best in the market. This umbrella may not be made specifically for wheelchairs but it can be mounted on square or round surfaces.

This umbrella is five-way adjustable. Once you install this device on the wheelchair backrest pipe, you can custom adjust it for maximum comfort. 

Further, this umbrella is equipped with a universal clamp. The heavy-duty clamp can attach itself to square or round surfaces with a 1.5-inch thickness. 

By the way, the clamp rotates up to 180 degrees. It also has hinges to help you tilt the umbrella. Plus, you can also rotate the top of the umbrella. 


  • Five-way adjustable 
  • Perfect for a wheelchair
  • Provides 10 square feet of coverage


  • Good for blocking the sun, not so much for rain. It doesn’t remain stable during heavy winds

5. Universal Umbrella with Clamp by Babyfond

This is another wide coverage umbrella that attaches itself to the armrest pipe of a wheelchair. This umbrella is designed to withstand heavy winds and rains. It won’t invert or tip over.

Before you go for this umbrella make sure that your wheelchair body is made of a round metal pipe with a diameter between 1.8 cm to 3.7 cm. Ideally, you should attach it near the armrest or the backrest. 

The heavy-duty clamp is made with a combination of plastic and metal parts. The clamp has a key to help you attach it to a round surface. 

Furthermore, the handle is loaded with a heavy-duty metal spring. The spring keeps the umbrella stable on a bumpy road, or when heavy winds are blowing in the surrounding area. 

To conclude, this is one of those hands-free umbrellas that was originally made for a toddlers in a stroller, but now it is out there for wheelchair users as well.


  • Blocks 99 percent of the harmful UV rays
  • Remains stable during heavy winds and storm
  • Easy to install


  • The handle material quality could be improved

6. EEZ-Y Reverse Umbrella

This windproof inverted umbrella by EEZ-Y is one of the best hands-free umbrellas for wheelchair users. It is just like a regular umbrella but comes with a C-shaped handle. 

You can put your wrist through the C-shaped loop so that your hand is free to push the chair or carry a cup of coffee. It does not come with a clamp, hence it does not attach itself to a surface. 

This umbrella is perfect for disabled folks who commute to work in a wheelchair. It is easy to open and close and takes very little space for storage. As I previously mentioned, it is just like a regular umbrella. 

Furthermore, the inverted design makes it adaptable to heavy winds. It does not tip over or break when used in stormy weather. You can choose from 11 exciting patterns. 


  • Premium product
  • Plenty of color choices 
  • No need to attach the umbrella to the wheelchair. It goes through your wrist


  • The umbrella will rest on your shoulders for support

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Why is it important to stay warm in a wheelchair?

It can be difficult for a disabled person to stay warm during the monsoon season. The rain and heavy winds can give them cold, which can lead to other serious infections. This is why someone with mobility issues needs to stay warm in a wheelchair. 

How is a hands-free umbrella better than a wheelchair cover or a raincoat?

For me, it’s simply a matter of convenience. Both are equally effective against rain and wind. Although, an umbrella would provide better protection against harmful UV rays arising from the afternoon sun.

Where do I store a hands-free umbrella?

The wearable umbrellas take up a lot of space. Especially the ones that come with a back or shoulder brace. But the umbrella hat can be easily stored in your wheelchair bag. The ones that attach themselves to the wheelchair can be stored in an umbrella stand in your home. 

Which is the best wheelchair umbrella for a person with dementia?

In my personal opinion, the clamp umbrellas (also known as stroller parasol umbrellas) are the best for a person with cognitive impairment. I am talking about the ones that attach themselves to the wheelchair body.

Can I go out by myself with these umbrellas? Or do I need a caregiver with me?

You can go out alone without needing a caregiver. If your caregiver or a family member accompanies you outdoors, you can feel free to do so. Having said that, you might need help installing the clamp umbrellas. 

What should I do if I am out alone in a wheelchair and it suddenly gets windy?

It is not safe for a wheelchair user to be out alone in the windy weather or a storm. If you happen to find yourself in such a predicament, locate a place to rest till the wind subsides. One the rain has stopped, you can proceed.

Final verdict 

Of all the hands-free umbrellas discussed in this article, I would pick NEW-Vi Umbrella Hat as the best for a wheelchair. It protects you from the sun and the rain. It is easy to carry. And it takes very little space for storage. 

What do you think? Do you have any questions? Kindly leave a comment below.

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