7 Best Incontinence Wheelchair Cushion Covers

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Recent research by International Center for Evidence in Disability (ICED) concludes that people with mobility issues are three times more likely to experience incontinence than people without disabilities. 

They face several challenges throughout the day, and being able amply the bladder on time is one such problem. Furthermore, they also find it difficult to locate a bathroom outdoors.   

As a caregiver to a disabled person, make sure that their surroundings remain as clean and dry as possible. If they use a wheelchair cushion, wrapping it in an incontinence cover can do a world of good for them. 

In this article, I have reviewed the best incontinence wheelchair cushion covers.

Editor’s note: Incontinence wheelchair cushion covers are hard to find. If you are unable to find the right cover, I suggest you take a look at covers made for patio or dinner chair cushions. You might have to get creative for a proper fit.

Here Are The Best Incontinence Wheelchair Cushion Covers

1. Cover for Purap Wheelchair Cushion 

This cover is made especially for Purap wheelchair seat cushions. The dimensions are 18″ x 20″ x 1.5″. You can use this cover for cushions by other brands as well, but make sure to match the size. 

Apart from this, the cover is waterproof and machine washable. This product is made for incontinent patients with mobility problems. It will keep the cushion from getting soggy due to bodily fluids such as sweat, urine, and feces. 

As I mentioned previously, you can wash this cover by hand or machine. But remember to wash it with cold water. Warm water may damage this fabric. Feel free to use the detergent of your choice. 


  • No messy zippers or velcro. The borders fit snugly
  • Made with waterproof material 


  • Designed for Purap blue and black cushion. It may not fit cushions from other brands

2. Moonsea Store Waterproof Incontinence Chair Pads

The Moonsea Store Waterproof Incontinence Chair Pads are a smart pick if you want something easy to use instead of covers with sleeves. These pads go right on the wheelchair cushion without any tricky fittings. Plus, they come in a calm blue color, adding a bit of style while keeping things practical.

One great thing about these chair pads is that you can toss them in the washing machine. After a spin in the laundry, they come out flat and ready to use. This makes keeping them clean super simple. So, if you’re looking for something easy to maintain, these chair pads are a good choice.

At first, the pads might feel a little stiff when you use them. That’s because they’re made to be tough. But, after 2-3 washes, they start to get softer. This shows that the folks who made them understand how comfort changes over time. It’s like breaking in a comfy pair of shoes.

To sum it up, the Moonsea Store Waterproof Incontinence Chair Pads are a great option if you like the simplicity of pad-style covers. They have a nice blue color, they’re easy to wash, and they get softer over time. So, if you want something that’s both practical and comfy for dealing with incontinence, these chair pads are a solid choice.


  • Easy to use — just place them on the wheelchair cushion
  • Convenient cleaning with machine-washable feature
  • Gradually softens over time for increased comfort


  • May feel a bit stiff initially due to their durable build
  • Requires a few washes for optimal softness

3. Roho Replacement Cover

This is a replacement cover for high-profile Roho cushions

It will fit the following versions of the Roho cushions:


I suggest you only buy this cover if you already have a Roho cushion at home. Or you can check out their cushions if you are looking for a new one for your wheelchair. 

The dimensions of the Roho cover are 18.25″ x 16.5″ x 4.25″. 

As far as incontinence wheelchair cushion covers go, this one is the best on the market. Unfortunately, it only fits cushions from the Roho brand.


  • Soft rubberized material provides ultimate comfort
  • Worth your money 
  • Hand and machine washable


  • Not waterproof 
  • Only fits Roho cushions 

4. NettyPro 4 Pack Waterproof Cushion Cover

Available sizes:

1 Pack (Not recommended)
42″ x 18″ x 3″
45″ x 18″ x 3″
48″ x 18″ x 3″
2 Pack (Recommended)
20″ x 18″ x 4″
22″ x 20″ x 4″
24″ x 22″ x 4″
24″ x 24″ x 4″
25″ x 25″ x 5″
4 Pack (Recommended)
18″ x 18″ x 2″
20″ x 18″ x 4″
20″ x 20″ x 2″
22″ x 20″ x 4″
24″ x 22″ x 4″
24″ x 24″ x 4″
25″ x 25″ x 5″

These waterproof covers from NettyPro come in 9 decorative patterns. You can choose from any of the 9 tropical leaf patterns. 

I know these covers are made for a wheelchair, but you can use them if the size is right. Make sure to measure your wheelchair cushion and pick the closest size. A few inches here and there won’t be a problem for most cushions. 

These patio chair cushions also come with interesting features such as hidden zippers, securing straps, and wide openings. 

As you can see from the size chart above, these covers are available in 1, 2, and 4 packs. 

The 1 pack category has lengths of 42”, 45”, and 48”, they are suited for a bench cushion, and not a wheelchair. I don’t think these rectangular covers will fit a wheelchair cushion. 

For a wheelchair, you should go for the 2-pack and 4-pack. 


  • Lots of patterns to pick from
  • Waterproof fabric
  • Makes an old wheelchair look fresh and new


  • You must choose from a pack of 2 or 4. They don’t sell single pieces

5. Ehucon Highly Absorbent Wheelchair Incontinence Pad

The Ehucon Highly Absorbent Wheelchair Incontinence Pad is a great solution if you or someone you care for needs dependable protection from leaks. It can absorb a lot of fluid – over 1800 cc per square meter, which is impressive. This gives you confidence when dealing with incontinence.

A cool thing about this pad is that it has two adjustable straps. These straps make it easy to attach to a wheelchair, and they help the pad stay securely in place. This means you won’t have to worry about it slipping off when you’re using the wheelchair. The adjustable straps also let you customize how the pad fits, making it more comfortable for you.

But, keep in mind that the pad might not be the best fit if your wheelchair is larger than usual. If your chair is extra-large, the Ehucon pad might not cover it well. So, if your chair is not a standard size, you should think about this before buying the pad.

Even with this in mind, the Ehucon Highly Absorbent Wheelchair Incontinence Pad is fantastic for regular-sized wheelchairs. It does an excellent job of keeping you protected, and the adjustable straps make it easy to use. So, if you want a pad that gives you comfort and confidence when dealing with incontinence in your wheelchair, this one is a good choice.


  • High fluid absorption of over 1800 cc for reliable protection
  • Adjustable straps provide a secure fit and enhance user comfort
  • Effective for standard-size wheelchairs, ensuring optimal protection


  • Limited suitability for extra-large wheelchair seats due to size constraints
  • Custom chair dimensions may pose challenges for some users

6. Zipcase 4 Pack Waterproof PVC Cushion Covers

Available size: 18” x 17”

This Polyvinyl Chloride cover from Zipcase is one of the best wheelchair cushion covers for people with severe incontinence issues. A cotton or polyester cover might not do the job if the wheelchair user urinates or defecates frequently. 

This is where a clear cover made with PVC polymer comes into the picture. The material is a lot tougher than a piece of cotton fabric, and it does not retain any moisture. The bodily fluids will float on the surface of this cover, or flow down on the floor. 

Remember that this product by Zipcase is a slipcover— which is a cover that may be slipped off and on. It does not come with a zipper. You are supposed to place it on top of the wheelchair cushion. 


  • Excellent customer service
  • Dries up very quickly
  • Does not retain moisture
  • Easy to clean 


  • You must clean the urine and/or feces immediately. Or the room will begin to stink
  • The fabric is not breathable

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Can I buy a cover that is a couple of inches bigger than my wheelchair cushion?

Larger covers have a broader opening. It is easy to insert and remove the cushion. You will be lucky if you can find a cover that matches the size of your cushion, as these things are not easy to find on the internet.

Why have you suggested patio chair cushion covers for wheelchair cushions?

Wheelchair cushion covers are hard to find. The available ones are a good fit for the cushion of the same brand. Patio chair cushion covers are perfect for wheelchair cushions. They are decorative as well.  

Will a wheelchair cushion cover improve the quality of life of a disabled person?

Incontinence has always been stigmatized as unclean, dirty, or unhygienic. A wheelchair cushion cover protects the cushion and other wheelchair parts from coming in contact with urine and/or feces. It helps keep things clean and tidy.   

I can’t find the right size cover for my wheelchair cushion? What should I do?

You need to visit a local tailor or dressmaker. Request them to make a cover that fits your cushion. Make sure to take correct measurements. Or take the cushion with you to their store, and let the tailor measure it. You can buy a waterproof cloth online or ask if the tailor has one in the store. 

Do these covers help prevent bedsores?

No, they don’t help prevent bedsores or pressure sores. It is the cushion that keeps the bottom portion of the disabled person healthy and oxygenated. A cover prolongs the life of a cushion. Think about it this way: a disabled person is more likely to use the cushion when it is clean, and wrapped in a fresh cover. 

Final verdict

If I had to pick one of the products discussed in this article, I would go for the cushion covers from NettyPro. They offer a variety of colors and patterns. No other cover offers so many size options to choose from—which, as you know, is very crucial. Plus, the NettyPro covers are 100 percent waterproof. 

You were reading the review of the best incontinence wheelchair cushion covers. Do you have any questions? Kindly leave a comment below. I’ll be happy to help.

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