5 Best Riser Recliner Chairs for Dementia Patients

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Dementia can affect physical mobility as it progresses in the later stages. Studies suggest that in addition to cognitive decline, Dementia can also prevent people from being able to stand, walk or move from one location in the room to another. 

Sitting in an uncomfortable position all day long can amplify mobility issues. The surrounding environment also plays a massive role in the deterioration of the physical condition of someone with Dementia. 

This is where a riser recliner (also known as a stand-you-up-chair, or power lift chair) comes to the rescue.

It will make the everyday tasks of a Dementia patient easy and enjoyable. This chair enables them to watch TV, read a book, or engage in sensory stimulation activities. It alleviates muscle/joint pain and muscle soreness. 

a Dementia patient wanting a riser recliner chair at his home

In this post, I share the best riser recliner chairs for Dementia patients.

Here Are The Best Riser Recliner Chairs For Dementia Patients

1. FirstClass Sleep-to-Stand Lift Chair

best overall

The FirstClass™ Sleep-to-Stand Lift Chair by Platinum Health is a great option for those caring for someone with dementia who needs a comfy and functional chair. It comes in a cozy Chestnut Brown, showing how much the brand cares about personal preferences.

When it arrives, get ready for two big boxes that show how substantial the chair is. Since it’s heavy and large, it’s a good idea to have someone help you. Teamwork is crucial for putting it together.

The controls of the FirstClass™ chair are easy to understand, proving how well it’s designed. This makes it simple for the person you’re caring for to use the chair easily.

One cool thing about this recliner is its lift mechanism. It lifts smoothly, giving reliable support for those with trouble moving around, which is important for someone with dementia. This makes the chair super easy to use, fitting with Platinum Health’s goal of making products that are simple for everyone.

The back adjustment is firm and accurate, going beyond just being comfy. For those with specific comfort needs or dealing with dementia, having a chair that supports your back well is really helpful. This feature makes sure the chair suits different comfort needs.

A special feature for dementia patients is that the back can recline over 90 degrees to a fully horizontal position. This makes sleeping extra comfy. It goes beyond normal recliners, giving a flexible solution for those who need different positions for rest and sleep.

This product is suitable for: 

FirstClass™ Sleep-to-Stand Lift Chair by Platinum Health is great with its smart design, easy controls, and useful features. It’s all about comfort, with the lift function and flexible reclining making it an excellent choice for those caring for someone with dementia.

Even though setting it up might need some help, the result is a trustworthy and comfy recliner that puts the well-being and comfort of the person you’re caring for first.


  • Lifts smoothly for reliable support
  • Easy-to-use controls for simple operation
  • Versatile reclining positions for varied comfort needs


  • Requires teamwork for assembly

2. Magic Union Riser Recliner Chair


This riser recliner from Magic Union is one of the best-selling chairs for the past six years. There’s a lot to like about this chair. The comfort and sense of well-being this chair provides makes people with Dementia happy.

This chair arrives home in two boxes. Although it is easy to assemble, an elderly person will need help from a caregiver or a family member. Due to its ease of assembly, this chair sells a lot. 

Just like other riser recliner chairs, this one has a built-in vibrator and heater. You can use the remote control to choose from five massage modes. Each mode creates a different feeling in the body.

Moreover, the primary frame is wooden, but some parts are made from metal. The combination of wood and metal improves sturdiness. Wood is flexible and metal offers security/safety. 

This is truly one of the best riser recliner chairs for Dementia patients. It comes with two convenient cup holders— placed on each side of the chair. An elderly person can enjoy a cup of coffee, tea, or a cold beverage without having to hold the cup the entire time. 

The four pockets can be used to store medication, snacks, electronics, books, or other frequently needed items. 

This product is suitable for: 

This chair is suited for a senior person experiencing pain in the lower back region. The massager will help alleviate the pain and keep the occupant comfortable throughout the day. This chair can be their go-to place for relaxation and recreation. 


  • Easy to assemble. Takes about 30 minutes 
  • Sturdy frame
  • Tried and trusted by many 


  • The massager makes a humming sound
  • Can take a while to get used to it

3. Homcom Power Lift Riser Recliner Chair 

best value

This is a value product, incomparable with others on the market. Homcom products are known for their built quality, design, and customer service. Homcom riser recliner chairs have been around for more than a decade— this is not a no-name brand. 

This riser recliner has dual motors. One motor controls the position of the footrest, and the other is meant for the backrest. You can change the position of the footrest and the backrest independently with the help of remote control. 

Unlike other recliner chairs, this one does not recline fully. It has three predefined backrest positions: reading, watching TV, and napping. For napping, you can recline the chair up to 140 degrees.  

The power lift works great. This chair can help you stand from a seated position into a vertical lean up to 70 degrees. You can transition from a seated position to a standing position without exerting pressure on your lower back or hips. 

The power lift will push you to a standing position, hence you must have a walking stick or an upright walker handy. 

As I mentioned previously, this chair can be controlled remotely. No need to pull any strings or push/pull manually. The multi-function remote control is easy to use, it does not have non-essential buttons (a total of 5 buttons).

One important thing to note is this chair does not come with a built-in massager. This is one of the reasons it is more economical than others on the market. 

This product is suitable for: 

The Homcom chair is one of the best riser recliner chairs for dementia patients who like to relax in the living room. This chair is not equipped with a massager. It performs basic functions such as helping you stand from a seated position and taking the load off of your buttocks.


  • Lightweight
  • Minimalistic design 
  • Soft armrest 
  • Wide seat


  • Does not come with a cup holder
  • No USB port 
  • No massager 

4. Power Lift Recliner – Signature Design by Ashley Yandel 

best aesthetics  

Ashley Furniture is a family-run business from Wisconsin. They are known for affordable, artfully designed, and robust furniture. They offer good customer service too. 

The saddle brown riser recliner chair is made from faux leather. Unlike real leather, faux leather lasts for years and can withstand the elements of weather. It can remain intact even when the surface is scratched and scraped.

It might look like real leather but the texture is a lot softer and supple. Faux leather lasts longer and remains in pristine condition even after years of use. With years passing by this chair will continue to look good.

This chair is equipped with a dual motor. You can get this chair to recline back with a touch of a button. The footrest elevates as well. And do not forget the lift feature. This chair helps you stand without exerting pressure on your muscles/joints under stress. 

The movement of this chair is comfortably slow. No jerky movements. It takes this chair about 1 minute to switch from a fully reclined position to lift. And 14.5 seconds to move from reclined to upright.

Notice that it takes considerably more time for a chair to help the person stand up on their feet. This is what makes this product one of the best riser recliner chairs for dementia patients with muscle/joint pain in the lower body.

Assembly is easy. The manufacturer provides all the necessary instructions and hardware. Also the total width of this chair— when fully assembled— is 30-inch. It fits through most doors. 

This product is suitable for: 

This riser recliner is suited for individuals who prefer to sit in a comfortable position throughout the day. The two powerful motors can easily handle the weight of an obese person. You will be able to sit with your feet up whenever you wish. The chair also turns into a bed so you can nap during the afternoon. 


  • Very comfortable chair 
  • High weather bearing capacity (250-300 lbs)
  • The motor is quiet and smooth 
  • Ashley furniture is trusted by many 


  • No in-built massager 
  • No USB port for charging

5. Rankok Recliner Chair

best affordable

The Rankok Recliner Chair is a handy choice for those caring for folks with dementia who want a comfy seat. It looks classy in faux leather with a sleek black finish, fitting well in different homes.

This chair is a bit heavy, weighing 48 pounds, so you’ll need a partner to help lift it from the large box. But don’t worry, putting it together is quick – takes less than 10 minutes. The design is simple, with just two main parts: the base and the upper section. Connect them with a few screws, and you’re good to go.

What’s great about this chair is it’s affordable for many. The frame is made of wood, making it strong and lasting a long time.

Now, the recline feature is manual. To lean back, you push against the seat. It might take a bit of effort and getting used to, but it’s good for those who like a hands-on approach to find their perfect recline.

To sum it up, the Rankok Recliner Chair is good-looking, easy to put together, and won’t break the bank. The manual recline gives it a personal touch, great for those who want more control over their comfort.

This product is suitable for: 

The Rankok Recliner Chair is an ideal choice for caregivers tending to individuals with dementia who seek both comfort and style in a chair. Its simple assembly, sturdy wooden frame, and budget-friendly price make it accessible to a wide range of caregivers looking for a practical and durable seating option.

The manual recline function is a plus for those who appreciate a hands-on approach, allowing caregivers to tailor the seating experience for the individual’s comfort.


  • Stylish design fits well in any home
  • Quick and easy assembly in under 10 minutes
  • Affordable, making it accessible for many


  • Heavy at 48 pounds, requires two people to lift
  • Manual recline may need effort and getting used to

Buyer’s Guide

Why does every dementia patient need a Riser Recliner chair?  

Riser Recliner chair

First, these chairs are easy to get in and out of. When you have dementia, moving around can be tough. A Riser Recliner chair can lift you gently so you can stand up without much effort. That’s great because it reduces the risk of falling, which can be a big worry.

Second, they’re super comfy. People with dementia often spend a lot of time sitting. These chairs are like big, soft hugs. They have cushions that help you feel cozy. Plus, you can recline them to find the perfect position for relaxing.

Third, Riser Recliner chairs can be adjusted to fit your body. That means they can help with any aches or pains you might have. You can move the chair to support your back or legs just the way you like it. It’s like a personalized comfort machine!

Fourth, they’re easy to clean. Sometimes things can get a little messy, especially if you spill something. But these chairs are usually covered with easy-to-clean materials. A quick wipe and you’re good to go.

Fifth, they’re great for naps. People with dementia often need more sleep. These chairs can recline almost flat, making them perfect for a snooze. Plus, the comfy cushions make falling asleep a breeze.

Lastly, these chairs can make you feel more independent. When you can stand up easily and sit down without help, it can be a big confidence booster. It’s nice to know you can still do things on your own.

So, that’s why Riser Recliner chairs are awesome for folks with dementia. They help with moving, they’re comfy, they’re adjustable, easy to clean, great for napping, and they promote independence. If you or someone you know has dementia, consider getting one of these chairs to make life a little more comfortable and relaxed.

Is it safe for a dementia patient to use a Recliner chair? 

HOMCOM Power Lift Recliner Chair for Elderly, Easy Assembly, Fabric Lift Chair with Remote Control, Side Pockets for Living Room, Gray

Firstly, choose the right chair. Look for a recliner that’s not too big or too small. It should fit the person well, so they don’t slip or slide when they sit down or get up. Make sure the chair has sturdy armrests that they can hold onto for balance.

Next, think about where you’ll put the chair. It should be in a safe spot, away from things they might trip over. Remove any rugs or clutter in the area to prevent accidents.

Safety belts can be helpful. Some recliners come with built-in safety belts that can keep the person secure. If the chair doesn’t have one, you can buy one separately and attach it.

Teach them how to use it. Show the person how to operate the recliner safely. Make sure they know how to use the footrest and recline the chair without getting stuck or confused.

Regular check-ins are crucial. Keep an eye on the person when they’re using the chair, especially if they tend to wander or get disoriented. You want to make sure they’re okay and comfortable.

Consider a sensor mat. These handy devices can alert you when the person gets out of the chair. It can be a good way to prevent falls or accidents, especially if you can’t be with them all the time.

Don’t forget comfort. Dementia patients can have sensitive skin, so choose soft, breathable fabrics for the chair. Add some cozy pillows for extra comfort.

Lastly, be patient and understanding. Dementia can be frustrating, but being patient and offering support can make a big difference. Sometimes, they may not want to use the chair, and that’s okay too.

In conclusion, it can be safe for a dementia patient to use a recliner chair with the right precautions. Choose a suitable chair, create a safe environment, use safety belts, teach them how to use them, check on them regularly, consider sensor mats, prioritize comfort, and, most importantly, be patient and understanding. These steps can help make sitting in a recliner a safe and enjoyable experience for your loved one with dementia.

How to assemble a Riser Recliner chair at home, all by yourself?  

Assembling a Riser Recliner chair at home might seem tricky, but don’t worry – it’s doable! Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you put it together, all on your own.

Step 1: Gather Your Tools

Before you start, make sure you have all the tools you need. Usually, you’ll only need a screwdriver, which is like a special tool to tighten screws.

Step 2: Clear Your Space

Find a nice, open space to work in. You’ll need enough room to spread out the pieces of the chair and move around comfortably.

Step 3: Unbox Everything

Take all the pieces out of the box and lay them out. Make sure you have all the parts listed in the instruction manual.

Step 4: Read the Instructions

Don’t skip this step! The instructions are like a guide that tells you what to do. Read them carefully, and it’ll make the job much easier.

Step 5: Attach the Backrest

Start by attaching the backrest to the seat of the chair. There will be holes and screws – line them up and use your screwdriver to tighten them.

Step 6: Connect the Armrests

Next, connect the armrests to the seat. Again, use the screws provided and your screwdriver to make them secure.

Step 7: Attach the Feet

The feet of the chair usually just click into place. Push them firmly into the bottom of the chair until you hear a click. This makes the chair stable.

Step 8: Wires and Plugs

If your Riser Recliner has electrical components, like a motor for lifting, connect the wires and plugs according to the instructions. Usually, they’re color-coded, so it’s not too hard.

Step 9: Test It Out

Once everything is assembled, test the chair. Make sure it reclines and lifts as it should. If there’s an issue, double-check the connections and screws.

Step 10: Clean Up

Finally, gather up any leftover pieces and the packaging. It’s a good idea to keep the instructions in case you need them later.

Remember, take your time, and don’t rush. If you get stuck, it’s okay to ask a friend or family member for help. And always follow the safety guidelines in the instruction manual. Assembling a Riser Recliner chair can be a bit of a puzzle, but with patience and the right tools, you’ll have a comfy chair in no time!

Where to place a Riser Recliner chair at home?

Choosing the right spot for a Riser Recliner chair in your home, especially if you or your loved one is a senior dealing with dementia, is important. Let’s talk about where to put it to make life easier and safer.

First, consider the living room. It’s usually a good place. Pick a spot where you can see the TV and chat with family or friends. This way, you will feel included when people are around. Make sure it’s not too close to the TV to avoid straining your eyes.

Next, think about the bedroom. Placing a Riser Recliner chair there can be helpful, especially for resting or reading. Put it near the bed so you can easily get in and out. It’s a nice spot for quiet time.

For meals, consider the dining room or kitchen. A Riser Recliner chair with wheels can be moved there. Eating with family or friends can be a great way to stay connected. Just make sure the chair fits comfortably at the table.

In the bathroom, safety is super important. A Riser Recliner chair doesn’t belong there. Bathrooms can be slippery, and accidents can happen. Stick to using it in dry, safe spots.

If you have a garden or patio, you might want to put your chair there. Fresh air and sunshine can do wonders for your mood. Just make sure there’s shade to avoid getting too hot.

One more thing, always keep pathways clear. Make sure you can move around without tripping on things. Remove loose rugs or clutter.

Remember, the key is comfort and safety. Keep the chair in places where it’s easy to use, and you won’t have to strain or worry about accidents. It’s all about making life as pleasant as possible, especially if you or your loved one is dealing with dementia.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Is this chair suitable for a small bedroom?

These chairs are designed for the living room, attic, study room, and bedroom. Make sure to assemble the chair in the room you wish to use the most. Some chairs may not sit through the door. It is always a good idea to assemble them in your desired spot.

Are these chairs noisy?

These chairs make no noise when you are simply resting. Some riser recliners may make a humming sound during a change of position. The ones with an in-built massager may also make a slight noise when the massager is switched on. The massager sound is not loud enough to bother other people in the house. 

Can I place this chair in front of a wall? 

You need to leave a bit of space between the wall and the rear end of the chair. 1-2 feet gap should suffice. When you recline the chair, the backrest falls back extending the overall length of the chair.

How to assemble a riser recliner chair? Does it come home pre-assembled?

The riser recliner chair arrives home in a partially assembled state. The base, the frame, and the backrest are already assembled. You just need to screw them together. You also need to screw in the leg buffers (also known as caps). You don’t need power tools or any special equipment to put the chair together. 

Can I wipe these chairs with a wet cloth?

You can wipe a PU leather chair with a wet cloth. PU leather does not absorb water, hence you can clean it with a moist cloth. On the other hand, a premium leather chair must be cleaned with a dry cloth. 

What types of riser recliner chairs are available on the market?

Of the many types, the single motor and dual motor chair are the most popular. Single motor chairs allow you to lower the backrest at the same time as lowering the footrest. With dual motor riser recliner chairs, you can change the position of the backrest and the footrest independently. 

Final verdict

Of the products reviewed above, I would pick FirstClass Sleep-to-Stand Lift Chair because it has all the aspects needed to keep a person with Dementia comfortable, safe, and free of body pain. 

This lift and tilt chair is equipped with advanced features such as a massager, a remote control, cup holder, USB port, and side pockets. Note that this is a single motor chair. 

Also, check out the chair pad from Sures. This absorbent seat cover will keep the riser recliner nice and dry.

Likewise, protect the chair fabric from mold build-up and unwanted stains with fabric cleaners spray from Star Brite. It will help keep the upholstery in top-notch shape through the seasons and the years.

You were reading the review of the best riser recliner chairs for dementia patients. Do you have any questions? Kindly leave a comment below.


  1. Howabout when a person with dementia struggles to remember how and when to use the controls and then at risk at tipping the chair or tipping themselves out ???

    1. Hey Sophie!

      Thanks for dropping a comment and bringing up a crucial point. To tackle the tipping risk, check out chairs with user-friendly controls and extra safety features. You know, like those with one-touch or remote controls, making things easier for them. Also, having caregivers around for regular supervision and assistance can really help ensure their safety while using the chair.

      Take care,


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