5 Best Sippy Cups for People With Dementia

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Elderly people in the middle or late stages of Dementia often struggle to carry out tasks that require hand-eye coordination. As the condition progresses, they happen to lose their ability to hold a cup of water/coffee. They may spill the beverage on the floor. 

A lot of Dementia caregivers have recommended sippy cups for the elderly who struggle with this task. I am well aware that sippy cups are designed for toddlers, but they can be a perfect solution for the elderly struggling to drink water on their own. 

These cups have a spill-proof design. You can serve both hot and cold beverages in them. An ergonomically designed handle makes it easy to hold the cup. And the lid is detachable, which makes it easy to clean. 

Below, I review the best sippy cups for people with Dementia.

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  1. Best overallKikigoal Convalescent Feeding Cup
  2. BestsellerIndependence 2-Handle Plastic Mug with 2 Style Lids 
  3. Best valueRE-PLAY Straw Cups with Reversible Straw
  4. Best time-testedProvale Regulating Drinking Cup
  5. Best affordable –  Providence Spillproof Kennedy Cups – Pack of 3

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Here are the best sippy cups for people with Dementia

1. Kikigoal Convalescent Feeding Cup

best overall

The 3-in-1 convalescent feeding cup from Kikigoal is an excellent solution for bedridden elderly who cannot eat or drink in a regular cup. This cup can be used to eat semi-solid food items such as porridge too. 

You can serve fruit juice or plain water to someone who spills beverages when drinking from a regular cup. This cup can be used as a straw, used as a liquid diet cup, or used as a regular cup with a dust lid. 

The inner layer is made of stainless steel, and the outer plastic layer protects the user from burning their hand when consuming hot beverages. 

This cup does not let dust or other dirt particles sit on its surface. Also, the material used is food grade, which makes it safe to serve hot beverages in it. 

This product is suitable for: 

This is not one of those sippy cups made for toddlers— it is designed especially for seniors. It is perfectly suited for seniors who prefer to eat and drink from one single cup. They will get used to it, and then eating/drinking will get easy.


  • Multi-function 
  • Made with food-grade material 
  • Anti-overflow and leak proof


  • The company does not provide sufficient directions on how to use it
  • Do not put it in a dishwasher 

2. Independence 2-Handle Plastic Mug with 2 Style Lids 

best seller

This mug by the Special Supplies Store is rather uncomplicated, but it has two handles. Users can use either of the handles to hold or grab the mug. Some users can hold the mug with both hands. 

The package includes two units of crystal clear mugs. They come with spill-proof lids. 

The product is made in the USA. And it is manufactured by keeping standards. It is free of toxins such as BPA, phthalate, and latex.

Other than that, you can serve both warm and cold beverages. It does not come with a straw, but there’s an opening on the top of the mug. 

This product is suitable for: 

This is one of the best sippy cups for people with Dementia who wish to see the food that is served to them. The mug is transparent which makes it easy for users to see the contents of the mug. 


  • The manufacturer has mentioned that this product is dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Handles present on both sides


  • Does not come with a straw

3. RE-PLAY Straw Cups with Reversible Straw

best value

This is another fantastic product that can help the elderly with Dementia have their drinks in a safe and tidy manner. Re Play Store is a US-based company, and all their products are made on US soil. 

The package includes three 10 oz straw cups with a reversible straw. You can choose from several colors. I like that the colors are mild, and not too bright. They are easy on the eye. 

Note that the company uses recycled plastic in this product. The plastic is derived from used milk jugs. There are no surface coatings used in this product. You can serve both hot and cold drinks. 

I suggest not serving extreme hot beverages as they can burn the tongue of the person sipping.

Apart from that, these cups are reusable. You can clean them in a dishwasher or by hand. If maintained properly, these cups can last for years. The material is thicker (and better) than no-name cheap imported cups. 

This product is suitable for: 

The Re Play Store sippy cups can be a good choice for caregivers who do their dishes at the end of the day. The package includes three cups, hence during the day, you can serve multiple times without having to clean the cup. Also, these cups are lighter, hence more transportable. 


  • Three cups in one package 
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Easy to clean


  • The hole where the straw goes is not 100 percent leakproof. Contents might seep out if the cup is turned upside down

4. Provale Regulating Drinking Cup

best time-tested

This is an ingenious solution for people who have less control over the food they swallow. The cup releases small amounts of fluid each time you tip it. This prevents the user from over-swallowing or under-swallowing. 

It is important to note that this cup might not be dishwasher safe. Some users have faced issues with the cup after putting it in a dishwasher. 

The good thing is, that there are no pipes, straws, or narrow gaps between the cups, which makes them easy to clean. There’s no space for food particles to get stuck in.

Finally, the base of this sippy cup is broader than others on the market. A wider base can prevent the cup from tipping or slipping from a desk (or any other flat surface).

This product is suitable for: 

This cup is designed for people who suffer from swallowing difficulties. It dispenses 10cc of fluid each time you tip the cup for a sip. 


  • The cup comes with two handles, but you can remove one handle if needed
  • Excellent cup design. Such cups are difficult to find on the market
  • Also, suitable for people with Parkinson’s, or Aspiration problems


  • The quality of the lid needs improvement 
  • I do not recommend putting it in a microwave or dishwasher

5. Providence Spillproof Kennedy Cups – Pack of 3

best affordable

Are you looking for inexpensive sippy cups for people with Dementia or any other neurodegenerative condition such as Parkinson’s?

Look no further. You will find these sippy cups from Providence in almost every nursing home. They are quite popular among the elderly staying in assisted facilities across the nation. 

They are highly functional. I mean they do the intended job without fail. And they do not cost you much. 

Kindly note that you can only fill 7 oz of fluid in this cup. You must keep some space between the lid and the contents of the cup. This is to avoid spillage during transportation or movement. 

The package includes three Kenedy cups (with 3 lids and three straws). There’s an opening in the center of the lid for the straw. Although the lid is not 100 percent sealed, it prevents the contents from spilling out. 

Furthermore, this product is made entirely on US soil. The material used in this cup is plastic, but it is free of harmful substances such as latex and BPA.

This product is suitable for: 

The Providence Kennedy sippy cups are suited for bedridden elderly who struggle with muscle coordination. People with conditions such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, or Huntington’s can benefit from these cups as it enables them to have hot or cold beverages without worrying about spilling.    


  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight product, suitable for people with fragile hands
  • The cups are easy to hold
  • Value for money 


  • Only suited for small amounts of fluids (7 oz maximum) 
  • The quality of the material could be improved 

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What to look for when buying sippy cups for people with Dementia?

You should look for a spill-proof cup that can hold both hot and cold beverages. Additional things such as straw, a tight lid, and an ergonomic handle are also a must. 

Do these sippy cups come with a lid and a straw?

Yes, most adult sippy cups come with a lid and straw.

Are they disposable? How long do they last?

No, these cups are not disposable. You can reuse them by cleaning them in a dishwasher or by hand. They generally last for up to two years. But its life span entirely depends on how often you use them

Is the straw replaceable?

Yes, you can use a regular bendable straw if the one that comes with the package breaks. Bendable straws are available in supermarkets. You can also buy them online. 

Are these cups free of harmful chemicals? Can I put hot beverages in these cups?

Yes, these cups are free of harmful chemicals that seep into hot beverages. 

What if the person with Dementia refuses to drink in these cups?

Such a scenario could arise, and you must be prepared to handle it. I suggest leaving the cup somewhere close to the elderly person. In most cases, they will grab the cup when they are thirsty. 

The final verdict

In my opinion, the Kenndy sippy cups from Providence work best for people with Dementia. Their design is way simpler than other cups on the market. I like the color as well, it is not heavy on the eyes.

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